Sunday, March 6, 2011

International Noturno Aventura

This past Thursday night was International Night at Allen's school. We were away last year, so we had no idea what to expect, but we were very excited. Allen's been talking about Brazil for the last few weeks. Plus we were making Brazilian food!

Here's what we made:

Little Coconut Kisses
 Creamy Corn Cake (which we made as muffins, obviously)
Interestingly enough, both items were Gluten free (an experiment Brian and I are trying).

We arrived at the school, and Allen got a passport, which he was to get stamped in each country. The countries were: Brazil, Antarctica, Thailand, Ireland, Chile, Aruba, and India.  Here are some photo highlights ...

Annie the Anaconda. She's a life-size model -- 22 feet long! The kids stuffed her with recycled paper, and painted her. She was gorgeous!
 The Amazon Rainforest
 The children cut out different insects and animals from the Amazon and colored them. Then Ms. Avril and Ms. Jennifer stuck them onto the trees. You can also see part of Annie the Anaconda here.
 Chilling out with a snow cone in Antarctica (get it?)
 The elementary students made a topographical map of India
 Allen's future bride, Amelia (according to Allen) showing off her henna.
 Ms. Amy decorating Allen's hand with Henna.

 Allen's passport. Which was stamped in every country!
You can see more pictures here, but these are the highlights. Allen's classroom was by far the best. Brazil had the most food, and the most creative decor. Overall we had a fantastic time!