Friday, January 30, 2009

Driving tips, news

We went to dinner tonight at Wren -- an awesome kind-of-new restaurant in town. Loved the decor, ambiance, and the food. And we were thrilled to finally get in. The place has been booked solid since it opened!

Anyway ... on the way to dinner, Allen was telling us about the traffic lights that he saw. We've been teaching him what red, yellow, and green mean, so he gets very excited as he sees each light. He'll say, "here comes another one!"

Well, tonight, he deciding to help Papa out with his driving ... when we approached a red light, Allen would say, "Watch Wahyen! It's wed!!" ("Wahyen" is how Allen says Papa's name -- Warren). Or he would yell, "Stop, Wahyen!" It was absolutely classic (and sounds just like his Nana).

In other news, I'm happy to announce that my husband got a job!!! He starts right after we get back from Disney World. Yay Brian!!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I do it myseff!!

As I've mentioned before, Allen's really exercising his independence. Each time we brush his teeth, he insists, "I do it mysefff!" So, we decided to let him really do it himself at the sink. Here is what we got to witness this evening ...

He's still getting the hang of swishing and spitting. And he still would prefer to suck the toothpaste and water rather than brushing. Plus it's watermelon-flavored toothpaste (or, as he calls it, yuyemon), so he thinks it's delicious!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love Target

I think pretty much everyone thinks Target is awesome. I've yet to come across someone who has said she hates it. I literally can spend hours in that place. So, mom and I went yesterday, and spent -- you guessed it -- more than an hour! I purchased a new skincare regimen, party supplies for my Superbowl Party (more on that soon), and decorative pillows!

Now being part-owner of an awesome little home decor and accessories shop that is known for carrying unique items, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I found decorative pillows for my living room at Target, but just look at them ... aren't they cute?!?!

I didn't bother trying to "clean up the sofa" ... so the dogs and their toys made it into the photo as well.

And my favorites ...

The bird pillows are from Dwell Studio's, line specifically for Target, so no wonder I like them so much ...

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I also purchased some items for our Superbowl Party this weekend. Here's a picture of all those goodies :)

This is the first party we've thrown since moving down here, so I'm very excited. And I've never thrown a Superbowl party ever. So I'm going a little overboard ... I got the cute plates and cups and a matching tablecloth. Then I got some cute gel window clings that say things like "Touchdown" and have helmets and stuff. They were all out of the coordinating napkins so I had to get those striped ones. But all-in-all I'm proud of the purchases.

More later! Xoxo,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shrine, Not forgotten

We updated the shrine today with those unbelievable photos from the fabulous Sean Randall. You can't really see most of them, but you get the idea. Just wanted to share :)

Also, I felt bad tonight as I looked at little Mimi because I realized she hasn't been getting any blog love. So, lest you think we don't love her anymore, here's a picture of our first baby.

And because all of you have been so concerned for her (thank you), I want to let you know that she's really warming up to Murphy. They are play-fighting a lot, and the other night after we'd put Murphy into his crate and gone upstairs, she started to cry when she heard him crying. She was worried about him. So, while she likes to pretend that she is mad that he's around, we think she secretly looooves him.

Allenisms, Part V

The latest installment of Allenisms ...
  • Macky an cheese. He's been ordering for himself a lot lately, and this is how he orders Macaroni and cheese.
  • On your mooork, get set, go! (on your mark ...)
  • I sink so. (I think so)
  • Acshy (actually)
  • Mees or mines (mine)
  • Muphy Hengicks Caig!
  • Ayen Huntuh Caig

Today, Daddy was holding him after meeting, and I was talking to someone. He leaned over, tapped my face (or slapped it lightly), and said, "Yegyuh, hon. It's time to go now!" (Yegyuh is how he says Allegra). He's too much!!


Sweet Sweet Boy

By some freakish series of events, we were actually up on time this morning. And, Allen was being really good while Mommy and Daddy got ready! In fact, when I went to check on him, I saw him reading his Cars book to himself. What a sweetheart!

So to continue the freakishly good streak we were having, we got to the meeting about 10 minutes early (which is huge for us). Then, Allen was wonderful during most of the meeting. He did have a couple issues towards the end of the Watchtower (he was choking Mommy with her necklace and being too noisy), but overall he was really fabulous.

I was happy enough with that, but it actually got better! After his nap he was a sweetheart while Mommy and Daddy worked on filing; ate his dinner like a champ; and went right upstairs for his bath. He actually thanked me for washing him! And then hugged me while I was drying him off, and said, "Yuv ou Mommy." What a sweetheart!

It's days like these that make the terrible-twos bearable.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ice cream and independence

I had an interesting day today ... I won't go into it, but the morning was very frustrating for me. But thanks to my Dad, Brian and I got to go on a date this afternoon, so I was in much better spirits this afternoon.

The five of us (my mom, dad, Brian, Allen, and I) went to an early dinner, where Allen was absolutely fabulous! He ate most of his dinner; he smiled and giggled; he charmed the waiter and other diners. He was so good that we decided he should get ice cream for dessert.

Unfortunately, they didn't serve ice cream at the restaurant, so we went off in search of ice cream elsewhere. We finally happened upon a place that was open, and after what seemed like a half-hour we were in the car with all our treats.

Allen ate his own ice cream, plus about half of my ice cream cone. Here's a little glimpse of his ice-creamy face.
He's expressing his independence more and more lately. Tonight, we had a minor meltdown in the car because he wanted to hold my ice cream cone by himself (which we know would have ended in a huge mess). He also has decided (most of the time, at least) to climb the stairs by himself. Here's a picture of his cute little bum going up the steps.

That's all for now. Goodnight, loves.


Date Afternoon ... with Kevin James

Brian and I went this afternoon to see Paul Blart Mall Cop.

It was all I thought it would be. Wonderfully silly and dumb and totally Kevin James. I think at least half my enjoyment came out of Brian laughing hysterically throughout the entire movie. Anyway, it was an afternoon well spent. Especially since Brian and I rarely get to go on a date. Thanks Dad!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost ... Really

OK, D and M ... what did you think of Lost? Are you as confused as I am? Thoughts? Theories? Frustrations? As for me, I'm totally ... well, lost. So I appreciate your thoughts and comments, if you would like to share. Also, do you think Sawyer is a hottie? I do, even though I'm not usually a "scruff kind of guy.


PS Photo courtesy of ABC.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost Forgot

See those little white spots on the screen? That was snow on our screen door yesterday. Yes, we actually had snow in southern South Carolina!

Allen now says, "Sugar mama" because he heard me say that instead of another word that begins with an "s" when I stepped on one of his cars.

And finally, can you believe that Lost is finally back on?!?! Does anyone still watch it? I had just about given up, but something in me can't let go. At least we finally found out tonight that the premise of the show involves time travel.

Gotta go, it's back from commercial!


Murphy Update

As you can see, Murphy is getting bigger each day, and bolder too. He decided to steal Mia's "monkey." Murphy is quickly getting comfortable in the family, snuggling with Allen, playing with Mia, and chewing on Mommy and Daddy's fingers and hands.


Phone Conversations

When I'm on the phone with some you, sometimes I tell you that Allen is hugging my head. Well, this is what I mean.On this particular occasion (I was talking to Kristen), he was also finding great pleasure in tickling his nose with my hair.

Hope this sheds some light on what I go through to talk on the phone :) Ya'll are definitely worth it though!!


Dinner with the Craig Family

We pretty much always have an interesting time at dinner in our household. Allen is either screaming and crying hysterically because he doesn't want to eat dinner, or laugh-out-loud hilarious (in either case, I eat less so I think it works out to my benefit).

Last night was a laugh-out-loud night. Now, I'm not sure if I've told you guys this before, but Allen has a fascination lately with seeing our mouths, and the food inside of it. He will ask us, while we're eating, "Yet me see your mouf." We have to open our mouths, after which he examines, and says, "See, there's chicken!" (or whatever we're eating).

Last night, we turned the tables on him, and asked him to see his mouth (you can barely see in the back side of his mouth that he's got a green bean in there) ...

This next picture shows, just what a good mood he was in during the entire dinner experience. What a cheeseball!

And, saving the best for last, here are two sweet videos of him laughing hysterically (including one where he burps right in the middle of his hysterics). I apologize that they are so dark, but the sound is what really matters in each of these.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orangeburg, Craziness

Hello my loves! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We no sooner got back from Atlanta than we had to trek to Orangeburg for our Circuit Assembly (OK we had about five days in between, but those days don't really count).

Sadly, because I was feeling so overwhelmed and disorganized, I neglected to pack our camera for the assembly. Which is truly a shame because the kid looked so flippin' cute! He wore a suit each day, and was so proud of his handsomeness that the cheesy, self-important smiles were very much in abundance.

Allen flirted with everyone. I mean every single girl. We went to Ruby Tuesday on Friday night, and he struck up a conversation (sort of) with two girls in the booth behind us. Within five minutes, the waitress was holding him, and he had to give each girl in the booth a hug before he left.

He was also quite smitten with a little girl named Jasmin who sat in front of us at the assembly yesterday. And Allen is no dummy. He decided he needed to make friends with her daddy too. He leaned down and put his chin on his shoulder and chatted him up the entire day.

Yesterday we sat near our circuit overseer, Brother Campbell. Since we just had his visit, Allen was able to recognize him quite easily. Each time he was on stage throughout the day, Allen said, "Campbell!" including during the closing prayer yesterday. Just as he began the prayer he said (loudly), "Bwutha Campbell!

Allen also has a new friend, Hunter Smith. Since Allen has been practicing his full name -- "Ayen Huntuh Cwaig," he assumed that Hunter's last name was "Cwaig." We worked with him for awhile, and how he understands that his last name is "Sniff." Allen spoke constantly of "Huntuh Sniff" this weekend. It was very sweet.

More to share tomorrow, I hope.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Murphy World

We're wrapped up in all things Murphy today ... we took him to the "ammal doctor" (the vet, or animal doctor), and then he went with us to the Verizon Wireless store (I left my phone in a restaurant in Atlanta, and we were unable to recover it, so I had to get another one).

Allen had a grand time at the vet's office, where he insisted on greeting every single pet that came through the door. He is absolutely fearless ... he went up to some pretty large dogs without the least bit of hesitation. He was also proud to tell everyone about "Muphy Hengicks." In addition, he was given the job of listening to Murphy's heartbeat by our vet.

An exciting day for all ... here are some highlights.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Murphy Day!!!

The waiting is finally over. Murphy was delivered today. We had prepped Allen, so all morning he kept saying, "Muphy Henicks comin' !" He couldn't wait to see him. As soon as Lori and Carol arrived, Allen wanted Murphy to sit on his "yap." Here they are getting to know each other a little bit.
(Notice the lovely quilt, made by Carol. She made one for each of the pups. Isn't that sweet??)

Here are some other lovely shots of the little guy ...
Sleeping on Lori

Sleeping on Daddy (he does a lot of this)

The happy family

Cute little face

Bedtime Story ... both boys so sleepy!

Playing next to Mommy

So far, he's a perfect little pumpkin. The perfect puppy for Allen because he is very content to sit on someone's "yap" and sleep. He's done some exploring, but I think he's pretty worn out from such a big day.

Thank you so much to the Clark family for such a wonderful puppy. And thank you Lori and Carol for driving him up here to us today. We love you all so much!