Monday, February 28, 2011

Chefs' Feast

Update: For more information about the event, check out this article I wrote.

This should really be a  better post than what I am writing. But I'm tired. For those of you who don't know what Chefs' Feast is, it's a huge fundraiser that the Lowcountry Food Bank does every year to benefit their childhood programs. I'll try to post more detail when I'm not so tired. But in the meantime, tickets are $175 each, and we were given (yes, given) four tickets to the event because of the work we did with the Lowcountry Food Bank for the Farmers' Table.

It was an unbelievable event. Between 900 and 1,000 people were there. Twenty-nine chefs from throughout the Lowcountry were represented. It was amazing. When I'm not so tired, I'll share more statistics with you. But for the meantime, here is a picture of me and Brian. I hate this picture, but I've talked for so long about my five-inch heels and awesome dress that I have to post.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Beds and Cupcakes

It's President's Day, so Allen didn't have school (he's been home so many days this month, I'm beginning to wonder why we paid tuition). After a late start this morning (Mommy needed to sleep in after barely sleeping the two nights before), we got up and started our day.

Allen and I have made his bed together before, but today I asked him to do it himself. He was so proud! And I was extremely proud of myself for not "fixing" it. What do you think?

We went grocery shopping this afternoon. I was smart enough to avoid Wal-Mart, but even at Bi-Lo, there were toys at every turn. I'm proud to say that I was able to deflect most of Allen's toy requests. He did land a toy shovel, but at $2.99, I thought it was worth teaching him to help Daddy in the yard.

This evening, we made cupcakes. Allen helped mix the batter, and then helped decorate them. They were yummy!
How was your day? Were you off today, or did you work?


Thursday, February 17, 2011


International Montessori Week is coming up, and Allen's class is studying Brazil (remember, last year was Italy).

This evening, as we were waiting for our pizza, Allen kept repeating some word. And then he announces, "That's Porgucheese."

You mean, Portuguese, buddy?


PS Of course, once we laughed and corrected him, he kept saying, "Porgucheese Porgucheese."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


That's right. My sweet boy has Pneumonia! I don't know how he got it, and fortunately we got it early, but still ... When he woke up this morning, his fever was 104 degrees! That's the highest his temperature has ever been!

The nurse assured me that a temperature that high is OK. It means his body is doing what it should. It will not cause brain damage, but it could cause a Febrile Seizure. Apparently they are scary as all get-out to see, but don't do any damage. Grrreaaat ...

The doctor thought he might have the Flu as well -- even though he got the vaccine -- but fortunately, he doesn't. For about 10 minutes though, I was terrified, because he's been in close contact with both his great-grandmothers and a little baby in the past 48 hours. (A warning: about 5 cases out of 100 that Allen's practice has seen have been cases where the patients received the Flu vaccine. So there are strains out there that laugh at the vaccine).

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day at home, with Allen almost constantly touching me. We gave him some cough medicine that causes drowsiness at about 1:00 this afternoon. He fought sleep until about an hour before his next dose. Such will power he has!

Fever is still running pretty high, but we're armed with Tylenol, Amoxicillan, and Dimetapp. Mom and Allen will be home-bound for the next few days, so feel free to call us or email us or Facebook us or whatever. Mama's really bored!


Monday, February 7, 2011

New System

I almost forgot ... on the way home from Nana's tonight (and after a number of arguments with Gigi over whether or not Allen's lack of sock-wearing would cause illness), Allen told his Daddy, that ...
"In the new system, I won't be sick anymore. We need to tell Gigi that!"

How heartwarming! Maybe my little boy will give a witness to Gigi that will reach her heart.


Viking, David & Goliath

The other day Allen and I were at the big box store near our house. I was wandering around looking for something when I came across ... a How to Train Your Dragon Viking costume! I think I've mentioned that this is Allen's new favorite movie. Well, this costume was on clearance, so Mommy could not resist.

Allen was thrilled with it. He's been wearing it everywhere. We even convince Ms. A, his teacher, that he could bring it to school one day.

Here he is lounging at home ...
In the meantime, we have been listening to the Bible Stories on the iPod while in the car. Allen loves it. We have listened to the book probably five times through. Which means that Allen is very familiar with the stories.

We asked him what he wanted to do for Family Worship this week, and he said, "Talk about David and watch the David video." So we did. After the video we decided to re-enact the story of David and Goliath. With only minor prompting from Mom and Dad, this is how Allen performed (with Dad as Goliath) ...
This isn't the only story he knows. As he looks through the Bible Story book at meetings, he remembers most of the titles. Thursday afternoon, as we were listening to the Bible Stories on the way home from school, Allen heard the Introduction to one of the sections with Joseph, and he said, "That bad Joseph tried to force me to lay down with him!" That was a little strange ...
And today as Allen was watching television in my bed and I started the shower in my bathroom, he said, "Mommy, can you shut the door tight, like Jehovah shut the door of the ark?"

Allen and I are sick again. I gave him my cold, which has evolved in both of us into something different. I have a sinus infection. We'll find out tomorrow what Allen has. His fever got all the way up to 103.6 today, which was very scary for me.

After Gigi's and my doctor's appointments today, we all went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A. After Allen prayed, he noticed that Gigi was starting to eat without praying. He told her to say a prayer.

Then tonight, as Gigi was telling Allen (for the millionth time) to put on his socks so he wouldn't get sick, Allen explained that Mommy had given him this sickness.

"She did? I'll beat her up!" Gigi declared.
"DON'T YOU DARE!!" Allen replied.

Such a sweet boy. Now the three of us are in bed, with Allen determined to stay awake as long as he can.

So I'd better go. Maybe he'll go to sleep if I snuggle with him instead of feeding my online addictions ...