Saturday, May 29, 2010

What do you think?

OK, so I've tried to figure out how to edit the video so that only my sweet boy's face is visible, and I've been unsuccessful. So I'd like everyone to vote. Should I post the video (which shows other people's children, whose permission I did not obtain), or not?

Vote on the right. Voting ends at 11:59 PM on Monday night, so hurry and give me your opinion, please.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My boy was awesome tonight. He's exhausted and sleeping next to me as I type.
I'm exhausted too ... all that excitement wore me out!
Stay tuned for the video ... hopefully. Trying to figure out how to crop out the other kiddos from the video, since I have no editing software ....


Pickled Pigs Feet

I'm giddy today. Allen's first stage performance is tonight. I haven't been this excited in a long time (of course winning Best Gift Shop helps, too). We will videotape the performance, so I won't tell you what he's doing. But I will share some other cute things he's said lately ....

Last night, he still had soap on his legs after the bath water drained. So I filled his bath cup with water and rinsed him off. He said, "Thank you Mommy. You're so kind!"

A little while later, I was singing a song to him, and he said, "That's enough! That's enough!" Brian asked him why he didn't want me to sing anymore, and he said "Because it's annoying."

Last week, as we were walking into school, we had the following conversation:
Allen: Mommy
Mommy: Yes, Allen.
Allen: I love you.
Mommy: I love you too, buddy.
Allen: And Mommy ...
Mommy: Yes
Allen: I really like your outfit today.
Mommy: Thanks, Allen. You look pretty handsome yourself.
Allen: I know.

Here are a couple random shots of my handsome boy ...

Stay tuned for a recap of tonight's performance.


PS I just realized I forgot to post about the Title. Lately, when Allen is insistent that he doesn't want to eat, but I know he's hungry, I'll say, "I know what you want ... Pickled Pigs Feet." This continues into suggesting all sorts of gross foods (like fried grasshoppers, etc.). Now, he says, "Pickled Pigs Feet" and cracks up in anticipation of what will come next.


We had a bad storm Sunday night. Fortunately, Allen's rain boots had just arrived ...
but this storm was so bad that it was too dangerous to be out playing in it. And besides, Allen was terribly frightened of all the thunder, lightning, and wind. And the fact that we lost power. 

While I'm not usually frightened of storms, this one was downright scary. But I tried to remain calm and reassuring so as not to scare Allen more.

As I discovered Monday morning, I was probably right to be uneasy about the storm. While we were very fortunate and sustained no damage to our home, others in our neighborhood did not fare as well. Several cars have been crushed under tree limbs; roofs have been damaged; and we have lost large limbs from some of our beautiful live oaks.

Here's some of the aftermath right near our house ...

 Yes, those are two trees completely uprooted.
 And here's some residual flooding. In the background, you may be able to see the dirt and sand coating the street from the previous night's flooding.
Fortunately, we did not experience any true devastation, and all are safe and sound. But we sure had some excitement for the evening ...


Introspection and Hope

I read this post last week, and became inspired to be more hopeful. I generally am not a particularly hopeful person. I prefer to be a realist, preparing myself for disappointment rather than to come slamming down when something doesn't go my way.

Besides, being hopeful has a history of backfiring on me. Without going into too much boring detail, I have a tendency to have rather devastating days (hours/weeks) after a particularly good mood or day (many times due to my own self-destructive tendencies; but on occasion through events out of my control).

Anyway, thanks to some particularly introspective mornings (I love the quiet drive home from Allen's school), I have recognized my habit of sabotaging my positive mental state, and am determined to be happy and in the moment, if not truly hopeful.

Speaking of being hopeful -- something I dared not be with regard to the Beaufort Gazette Reader's Choice Awards -- I'm shocked, awed, and honored to tell you that our little shop, Joli, won as Best Gift Shop. Not only that, but most other fabulous businesses in our Habersham Marketplace won as well.

Thank you for patiently reading this somewhat random post. Now onto more interesting things ...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why and Jam Session

Being a three-year-old means asking lots of questions. For instance, Allen just asked me:

"Why is a binky called a binky? Why is Mommy called Mommy? Why is a computer called a computer?"

This is why I'm always tired ....

Last night Brian and I were having a discussion about a song lyric. Which led me to Google the song. Which led me to playing the song. I am not going to share which song it is because, well, it's not a very nice song. But it's got an awesome dance beat.

Anyway, as soon as the song started, Allen started dancing. Then about half way through the song, he said, "I need my drum!"

So we got his drum (and other musical instruments), replayed the song, and had a hilarious little jam session, just the three of us.

In the midst of the jam session, I said something about getting the camera. But we were having so much fun that we didn't want to stop to get it. So, sorry, no pictures.


Friday, May 7, 2010

They love me they really love me!

Guess what! Our shop, Joli Home & Events, has been nominated as the "Best Gift Shop" in our local paper's Reader's Choice Awards! I nearly wet myself this morning, I was so excited!

If you love me as much as your comments indicate that you do, would you please head on over and vote for us?

Thanks so much!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quotable Allen

Heard this week:

At school yesterday ...
Miss C -- a teacher at Allen's school -- told me that her son (who just joined Allen's class) told her that he was going to play with Allen that day.
I replied, "Oh Allen, do you have a new friend?"
Allen nodded his head, and then announced, "And I wiped a boogie on him!"

This morning while getting dressed for school ...
Allen (to Daddy): You're Mr. Naked Pee.
Daddy: Well then you're Mr. Naked Poop.
Allen: We have to go get our costumes!

(Do all three-year-olds find bathroom talk hilarious?)

Tonight while explaining why he needed to get in our bed ...
Sometimes when my feet get in bed, they get scared.


Nana and Papa's Anniversary Dinner

My parents' (aka Nana and Papa) anniversary was April 19th. They've been married 41 years (awesome, I know). They have a beautiful home that has been exquisitely decorated by my interior designer mom. Buying presents for them is not an easy task because ... well, after 41 years, they pretty much have everything they need or want. Plus, Mom's very picky.

So rather than buying them presents, Brian and I decided to make them dinner. Allen provided a suggestion for the menu: chocolate cake. Good. That decision was made. However, now we had to come up with the appetizer and entree portions of the meal. We thought and thought about what they really loved, and came up with the following menu

Raw Oysters Served with a Ginger-Lime Relish and a Horseradish Sauce
Mixed Field Greens with Dried Cranberries and Maytag Blue Cheese
Moules Fromage Bleu
(Mussels in a Blue Cheese and White Wine Broth with Bacon and Shallots)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte
Candy Dish

Here are some pictures of the delicious food.

Raw Oysters served on Mom and Dad's Screened-in Porch.
(We got the buckets at Target for $1 each)
 Moules Fromage Bleu
 Just one of the four buckets filled with Mussel shells
 The Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte (made from scratch thankyouverymuch)
 Mom's Candy Dish with JuJu Bees and Red Vines
I would never have had the guts to do this if not for my very brave and talented husband. He reassured me constantly that we could pull it off, and he patiently shucked three dozen oysters that evening. Thanks to him we were able to pull off (what I hope was) a lovely evening.