Saturday, September 26, 2009

Post-party jumble

I apologize for the lack of posting of late, and for the lack of photos in this post. It's been a whirlwind kind of month ....

The "balloons," as I like to call them, were "popped" last Thursday (hence the post-party title). Brian and I arrived at the surgery center bright and early at 6:30 a.m (Allen was home with MomMom). Usually I'm only awake that early with a cup of coffee in hand, but alas I was unable to drink (or eat) so I had to wake up with my Dr. Bronners body wash.

I was quickly taken back and "gotten ready." After some reassuring comments by the anesthesiologist (it'll feel like you got hit in the face by a baseball bat) and some great relaxation drugs by the CRNA, I was wheeled back to the OR (after a kiss from Brian, of course).

I remember being moved onto the operating table and some questions from the CRNA. He asked where I'd rather be than there. Oddly enough, my first reaction was that I didn't want to be anywhere else because I knew this surgery meant that I got a free pass to sleep for the next few days. But instead, I told him Maui, Hawaii. Sad, isn't it, that I was worried even then about what they would think of me if I said that. Anyway, the next thing I knew, Brian was next to me asking me how I was.

The pain was bad when I woke up, but the drugs were great, so the pain was momentary. I was greeted at home by Allen and MomMom (and no power) and quickly retreated upstairs to rest (Allen snuggled for awhile and then went back downstairs. I think he was a little freaked out by me, especially with the lovely gauze taped underneath my nose).

The next two days were spent with me sleeping most of the time and eating some soup when I felt awake enough. I even got on the computer and posted on Facebook (I'm addicted). Then, on Saturday afternoon, after talking with my most wonderful friend J, I puked. And that was the way I spent the rest of the weekend. Apparently, my body doesn't like Loratab, and once the anti-nausea medication they gave me from the surgery completely wore off, my stomach made it known that the Loratab was unwelcome. So we switched to Tylenol (I couldn't take Advil or any other painkillers because they all contain aspirin, which is a blood thinner). No offense to the makers of Tylenol, but it sucks. I does NOTHING for my pain. It was like taking sugar pills. So I called the doctor and they got me an anti-nausea pill to take so that I could take the Loratab (thanks to my sweet L for being here and picking it up for me).

Evidently, that wasn't a solution either. I had a horrible reaction to the anti-nausea medication, and after several hours of excruciating stomach pain and vomiting, I finally went to sleep with only Tylenol to make a dull impact on the pain. It's not that the pain was unbearable, but it was bad enough that I couldn't watch TV, read, move around, or even sleep very well.

Tuesday morning I woke up a different person. There was no pain. Seriously, none. I got up with Allen, got dressed, and came downstairs. When L came down a short time later, she was shocked. She said it was like all of a sudden I was back. And I did feel like a different person. I felt good!

I got my packing out Wednesday, and the doctor told me I'd get an "ice cream headache" for a little while. And so, though I wake up each day feeling great, I have had a few evenings since that were pretty painful. The Tylenol does seem to been helping with this pain, as is the nasal irrigation I do at least twice a day. And tonight I'm actually doing OK. So I think I'm officially on the mend.

There is so much I have to share with you ... potty training stories (including how my surgery affected Allen's progress), dinner at the new restaurant here, but I've been so tired and drained that I just haven't had the energy. Stay tuned though. I will be sharing over the next few days.



prcraig said...

Soooooo glad you are feeling better - at last! What an ordeal, but I'm sure in the end it will be worth it if you don't have to suffer those sinus issues anymore.
much love, MOMMOM

KMag said...

Keep us posted...I want to have a skillion posts from you to read when I return from my own adventure.

Jenn said...

So, sorry to hear you got worse! glad you are feeling better, slowly but surely! Talk to you soon!