Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Beds and Cupcakes

It's President's Day, so Allen didn't have school (he's been home so many days this month, I'm beginning to wonder why we paid tuition). After a late start this morning (Mommy needed to sleep in after barely sleeping the two nights before), we got up and started our day.

Allen and I have made his bed together before, but today I asked him to do it himself. He was so proud! And I was extremely proud of myself for not "fixing" it. What do you think?

We went grocery shopping this afternoon. I was smart enough to avoid Wal-Mart, but even at Bi-Lo, there were toys at every turn. I'm proud to say that I was able to deflect most of Allen's toy requests. He did land a toy shovel, but at $2.99, I thought it was worth teaching him to help Daddy in the yard.

This evening, we made cupcakes. Allen helped mix the batter, and then helped decorate them. They were yummy!
How was your day? Were you off today, or did you work?



kate said...

I think Allen's bed looks terrific! The cupcakes make me wish there was a way to teleport them. I hope they were as good as they look.

KMag said...

I'm not sure what "fixing" you felt needed to be done. (Okay, I get was a little lumpy in places...but so is mine usually. The joys of a duvet.) The cupcakes looked good,too. Can't wait for him to make me some!

drevas said...

I agree. Bed looks great. Better than I've done in months!

Allegra said...

C'mon ya'll! Look at those pillows!!

kate said...

If the pillows were centered, there wouldn't be room for the stuffed toy that's up there. Obviously Allen had a plan and worked it out. He can come and arrange my things any time.