Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh Bailey

It is with sadness that I tell you all that Bailey the Betta Fish passed away this evening. He died peacefully in his bowl surrounded by family. He had just spent the afternoon playing with Allen and a Batman action figure, and then (likely after some trauma) relaxing while watching some television with Allen.

Allen is taking it well. Maybe a little too well. As we timidly explained to him that Bailey was no longer, he looked at the dead fish in Daddy's hand, picked it up, put it back, and said, "We'll have to go to PetSmart and get another one that looks like him." Then, as we went to say our goodbyes before the porcelain grave, he took Bailey out of Daddy's hand, threw him in the toilet, and flushed it. So much for that.

He did, however, sing a song to Bailey while playing in the bathtub tonight ...



kate said...

I'm sorry to hear about a pet dying but at least it's not a dog. That's so much more upsetting since they truly are part of the family.

KMag said...

I'm so sorry! I'm not even sure that I've met Bailey. Like Allen said, you'll just have to go buy another one like Bailey. Hmm.

The Arthur Family said...

:( Our betta, Rojo, died today. Moo was really sad about it. Davis doesn't have a clue. LOL.