Friday, December 28, 2012

Adventures in Allen World

So we've been super busy lately. Doug & Heidi are visiting, which means major excitement for Allen (and awesome presents ... yay for Legos. And for Star Wars. And for Star Wars Legos). We've been day tripping and movie watching and staying up late. And I had two parts on the meeting last night that I had been trying to prepare for in the midst of all the fun. By yesterday it was crunch time, and I only had the morning to work on them because Allen was having a play date. Here's how my morning went:

I came downstairs and explained to Allen -- who was happily playing in the living room -- that I needed to go into my office for a little bit to work on my talk. Allen followed me and then handcuffed himself to my chair. Now, this was not handcuffing to be with me. This was handcuffing like I was holding him prisoner and he was a spy. Talked and talked and talked in his spy character until bad mommy threatened to take the handcuffs and the sword (because every spy needs a sword) away. Eventually he left me in peace long enough to finish my talk.

The rest of the day passed without too much excitement (other than Allen's and his friend's over being able to have a play date together. They held hands in the car. It was precious.). When Nana got home, she and I rehearsed the part that we had together. Allen came in and declared that he wanted to come on stage with us. When I asked him if he wanted to read a scripture, he agreed! Now, those of you who know my son know that he rarely behaves when he comes up with me during a part. So the prospect of him joining us on stage ratcheted up my nervousness level about a million notches.

We get to the meeting. As we're saying the opening prayer, Allen informs me he has to go to the bathroom. So for the next 20 minutes, I waited outside of the stall while he went Number Two. Finally comes out, and as I go to push up his sleeves, I realize that he's gotten poop on one of them. Not a lot, but still. So we try to clean it up, and I end up just turning up the cuff of his sleeve so we can't see it.

Next we go to the second school for my talk. As we're walking aback, Allen tells me he wants to come up with me. Last time Allen came up with me during a talk (also in the back), he picked his nose and burped in my ear. It was not a good experience. So there was no way I was going to take him with me this time. His solution? To wrap his arms around my arm to try to keep me from going up without him. Then freaking out (seriously) and wrestling with Daddy to try to join me. Good times.

Last part. The three of us get on stage. Nana and I have the stand microphones, and a brother has provided me with a roving microphone in case Allen actually wants to read the scripture. It is placed on a chair and (wisely) not given to Allen. As Papa is introducing our demonstration, Allen decides that he's going to act like he's scared (his words) and hide behind me. He continues to move around during the presentation, but when I ask him if he wants to read the scripture, he says YES! As I'm grabbing the hand-held microphone, Allen is standing on his toes, stretching himself out to try to reach the stand microphone. Very cute. Read the scripture beautifully. He's redeemed himself.

Until after the meeting when he decides to balance on the step of the stage and jump off of it. And then talk non-stop in the car on the way home. Some of what he said to us?

  • In response to my asking if he wanted to be on the Theocratic Ministry School and give a talk: When I'm 18. We eventually negotiated him down to 7.
  • (Immediately after the above conversation ended)Mommy! I made a square with my hands!
  • When I grow up, I'm going to work where Daddy works and be the boss.
  • Can I have ice cream when we get home? I shouldn't have asked you that because I already had a Butterfinger for dessert. Me: Do you want the ice cream? Yes, but I shouldn't have said it.
Maybe all the stress and excitement is why I didn't go to bed until 1:30 this morning. Which I am way too old to do. Better rest up tonight because tomorrow we're taking Allen and his friend to see Monsters Inc. 3D!



Anonymous said...

Way to go Allen! Reading a scripture!Jeff and I both laughing out loud about the bathroom experience.

KMag said...

I'm glad to hear that you negotiated him down to seven! He's too much! I would often like to be a fly in his brain...just drinking in all the Allen.