Thursday, July 31, 2008

future photographer

last night, allen picked up my camera. he put the strap around his neck, held it up, and looked at the viewfinder. then he points the camera at me and says, "Say cheese!" how cute is that?? so here are his first two photographs ... i think he's got a future ...

tonight i had a talk in the front. we talked to allen before the meeting and explained that mommy had to get up on stage and give a talk, and he was going to need to sit on daddy's lap and watch. a lot of good that did. he screamed as soon as i stood up, and i could hear him crying "mommy" during the whole talk. but we got through it.

we have this couple in our congregation whose last name is Adjei. allen gets so excited when he sees them, he yells, "BRUDDA UHJAY." Sister Adjei said that allen says her name better than she does. he's too cute.

i kept telling him tonight to sit still and be quiet, so he walked around the row, saying "sit still sit still." he also spent a good deal of time looking at his Bible -- licking his fingers so he could turn the pages.

i guess those are the highlights from today ... stay tuned for more!

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KMag said...

I love that my little man may be a photographer. It's a little early yet to comment on his "eye,"