Friday, August 1, 2008

Ti Ti and Ya Ya, Serenades, and Stuffed Animals

Today we said goodbye to Ti Ti and Ya Ya. It was a sad day :( If you're reading this guys, we love you and miss you already. For those of you who don't know who they are, Ti Ti is Annie, Allen's babysitter and our friend (Tia is Spanish for "aunt," so Ti Ti is what Allen called her). And Ya Ya is Maria, Annie's mother and Allen's surrogate grandmother and also our friend (Allen calls her Ya Ya ... that's how he says Aya which is Spanish word for grandmother). They moved to Jacksonville tonight, so we are all very sad that they are gone.

Allen serenaded us today at lunch. He attempted to sing "Twinkle Twinkle." I wish I'd had a tape recorder so I could let you all hear it. It was very sweet. He also got a boo buooon (blue balloon), and pretty much wreaked havoc with it during the entire lunch.

Some of you may know that Allen sleeps with an elephant named Effie. Well, a couple days ago he found his stuffed Elmo and he's been carrying it around with him everywhere. So last night he decided he wanted to sleep with Effie and Elmo. So he put one on each side of him, rolled on to his stomach and put an arm over each one. He fell asleep like that and stayed that way for some time. It was precious.

This morning he got a little Snoopy stuffed animal that Papa sent him. Before I could even explain to him what it was he grabbed it and took it over to his books. He kept saying "look dog." When he made a mess, he said, "Mess dog, mess" like he expected him to clean up. Later today we got him a little stuffed snake (it hisses when you push its tail) and a stuffed car. So tonight when he went to bed, he had to sleep with Elmo, Effie, Snoopy, Snake and Car. Pretty soon there won't be any room for Allen!

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KMag said...

I don't where to start. I love that he took "dog" to the bookshelf to share his books with his new friend. I, however, don't think that he was expecting the dog to clean up his mess. I think he was blaming "dog" for the mess. After all, he has been with Nana and her dogs.