Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm still here ...

I apologize for being so remiss in my posting of late. Things have been very hectic, and my brain is kind of on overload. But, the kid is still doing tons of hilarious and bizarre and ridiculous things. So I figure I need to get back to posting so I can share them all with you.

As many of you may know, McDonald's recently had Ice Age 3 toys in their Happy Meals. Allen got the squirrel with the nut with me, and then he got it again with Nana a couple days later. As soon as Nana got the Happy Meal, Allen began demanding the toy. So she give him the squirrel. In reply, Allen began yelling, "Give me the nut! Give me the nut!" Poor Nana had no idea what he was talking about, since she's never seen the Ice Age movies and had no idea that he had the toy at home already ... in any case, it made for an amusing story.
He rediscovered the squirrel and his nut this evening, and kept shooting the nut across the house (and down the stairs). The first few times, he would launch the nut, and then say, "I'm sorry," to the squirrel (for losing his nut, I suppose).
Here's a cute picture of him and the squirrel ...

We had just gotten home from the meeting, where Allen was a pretty good boy until the very end. He started screaming, "DON'T CHANGE MY DIAPAH!" Unfortunately, it was so stinky that Mommy didn't have much choice ...
Daddy had a talk tonight. He did a wonderful job. Allen and I listened (and timed) him while he practiced before the meeting. Each time Daddy would introduce a scripture (by saying "turn with me," or let's look at") Allen would say, "OK, OK." Very cute.

Not at all related, but still quite adorable, are the following pictures I discovered when uploading the pictures of Allen that I took tonight. Aubrey took these while I was at Market last week.
Here's my precious nephew Elijah sleeping against his MomMom.
And here he is awake, wearing the hat that his Mommy got at the Beaufort Water Festival.
A close-up of the hat she bought. She got one for Owen too. This great vendor was at the Craft Show embroidering custom-making hats for kiddos. How cool!
Aubrey is a budding photographer. She has the eye for great photos. And the talent for taking self-portraits (I do not have this talent. I can never hold the camera just right). I love this picture of her and Allen goofing around at our house!
They're definitely related!
So much more to share with you ... but since it's after midnight, I think I'll take a break to sleep, and finish up this weekend.

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Jenn said...

Elijah is adorable~~Aubrey your cute too!:)

KMag said...

I got a Happy Meal toy and gave it Josh...who threw it away! Right in front of if I couldn't find a real child to share it with. He's such a baby!

mommom said...

wow! great photos, by and of aubrey!