Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When would be a good time?

Tonight was family worship night. Allen didn't really feel like cooperating or answering the questions Daddy was asking. After several requests for him to listen, Allen replied,
Now's not a good time.

OK ... I wonder when would be a good time ....


P.S. other new words/phrases include, "I don't bewieve it;" "because," and "everyfing." The last two are usually used repeatedly in the stories he makes up, and the first phrase is usually after he makes us laugh about something ... he kind of laughs, then sighs, and says, "ahhh I don't beweive it!" Too much!


KMag said...

I don't know. I used that one on UJ last night.

Megan Lynn said...

That's too cute! Phoebe's new thing is shouting "All Done, all done" from the crib when she gets up from her nap. I guess she's all done sleeping :)