Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Firsts, Seconds, and more

June has been a busy month so far. Allen's out of school, so more time is being spent with him, which I love. But it means I have less energy and time to update ya'll on what's going on. So, to update, I'll provide you with a list of the highlights ....

  • Kristen the Smart Chicken came for a visit. Allen was totally smitten. 
  • Allen's begun regularly praying for himself. The other night, in addition to thanking Jehovah for his food, he prayed for the paradise to come so he could see his Pop-Pop (my father-in-law who passed away one week before we discovered we were pregnant).
  • Allen's struggling with the change in his routine. Which has meant lots of, um, challenging days for us.
  • We're in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave (heat index between 105-110), so we're spending a lot of time indoors. See the above bullet point ...
  • Brian and I have pre-shopped for our upcoming anniversary gifts. We're celebrating 10 years this October. Very exciting. 
  • I discovered that my identity has been stolen. Again. This is delaying our tax refund. Which is supposed to be financing the aforementioned presents. Hmmm .... we may be celebrating a little late this year :)
  • For the very first time ever, I was bitten by a dog. It hurts. A lot. And it bled. A lot. And it wasn't even a big mean dog. It was an older long-haired Dachshund. I think he was grumpy because of the heat.
  • The other day Allen was laying on the couch with Murphy. It was cute. Then Allen sat up and informed me that Murphy was wet. I looked down to see a rather large wet spot on Murphy's side. I asked Allen if he drooled on Murphy. He replied, "No, I did it with this," and pointed to his tongue. Disgusting, I know. The worst part is that he was laying right next to me, and I didn't see him do it (even though I was checking on him frequently).
  • Allen and I went on a date yesterday. To see Marmaduke. Don't bother seeing it. It was pretty dumb. But we were cool. And Allen got to eat Dots. And I got to eat movie theater popcorn. So it wasn't all bad.
That's all for now ....


P.S. I'll have a picture of Murphy's tongue bath soon :)


Hannah said...

Whoa - How has so much happened and I didn't even know?! I need to get out of the house more often... (see bullet point number 4).

mom-mom said...

thanks for the update, I've been wondering if Murphy had been bathed lately - ugh!
heat wave - bad, A/C - good!!
and thanks for the heads-up about the movie, again, A/C - good and popcorn and dots - yummy1
much love

Allegra said...

no worries, hannah. most of it has happened in the last couple days.


PWNort64 said...

Sorry to hear about your identity. 10 years? Really? Congratulations, but surely it can't be 10 years!

KMag said...

Thank you for leading off with my visit. The Smart Chicken doesn't get out very often. And the tongue bath for Murphy did a good job of turning my tummy.

Kristen, the Smart Chicken

drevas said...

Hm, didn't know Kristen turned fowl, but a smart fowl she would be. 10 years - pre-congrats!