Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Growing Up

Allen working on his computer like his Mommy does

Have you missed us? I've missed you. I wish I could give you a good reason for my blogging absence all summer, but I really have none. A variety of factors contributed to my being away, but my new-school-year-goal is to blog regularly.

So Allen's official first day of school was yesterday, though he got to sneak in a a couple days early last week to get acclimated again (since he came to school late last school year). He's doing beautifully. Absolutely zero anxiety about school. It's like he never left. What's beautiful about the Montessori program is that children are in the same class from age 3-6, so they develop relationships and friendships with children that continue throughout the program. This seems to work beautifully with Allen's character ... which makes for a seamless transition.

In other news, Allen is successfully sleeping in his own room, in a temporary big boy bed. One of the contributors to my absence here was that Allen was sleeping with us every night. But we've successfully transitioned him back to his room, and now he's ready for his new big boy furniture. We've ordered it, and it should arrive sometime in October. 

As usual, Allen is full of amusing antics, stories, and sayings (right now, he likes to say "you wear me out"). I won't attempt to regale you with the stories of the summer, but I promise to keep you posted going forward.

Have a wonderful day, and please comment. I've missed you all so much, and look forward to reading your kind words again.



Olivia said...

We've missed you too!
How exciting about getting the new furniture! It looks very classy- I'm sure it will go great in his room. Brown and Blue are a good mix, I have to say.
I'm so happy Allen is doing great in school. Compared to last year this year will be a breeze. :)

kate said...

I've sure missed the blog and am glad you're back posting. Can't wait to see the pics of Allen's new room

KMag said...

Okay...you didn't actually tell us which pieces of furniture he is getting. I sorta know 'cause, well, I am his aunt...but the rest of the blogosphere doesn't.

Anyway, I like the color. And the bedding will look really nice with it too.

drevas said...

Welcome back! I definitely missed your blog and always worry a little when there's no activity! :)

mom-mom said...

Well, Hello again! Good to have you back since this is the only blog I know! :)