Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It was bound to happen ...

Allen wearing my sunglasses. Unrelated to this post, but cute.

Well, actually, I'm referring to two different things, both of which "happened" today ...

The morning started out well enough. Allen in a great mood (after sleeping all night in his bed), relatively smooth ride to school, during which Allen replied to a question I asked him with, "Yeah baby!"

Then things started to go a little haywire. First, I received a phone call from my Mama letting me know that Gramma and fallen. She fell on her hip that she'd had replaced, and couldn't put any weight on it. Good news: she didn't hit her head; Bad news: she cracked her thigh bone, and was admitted to the hospital. I supposed it was bound to happen at some point.

Because Mama was still at the hospital with Gramma at Allen's pick up time, I closed the shop early and headed out to pick him up. As usual, he was excited to see me. He gleefully hopped in the car, ate his snacks, and then informed me that he "decided we should go to Dunkin' Donuts." He wanted to go inside and eat his donut there.

No sooner did we pay for his orange sprinkle donut, than he announced that he had to poop. I quickly asked the girl at the counter to hang onto the donut for us, and off we went to the bathroom. While we were in the bathroom (those of you know Allen well, know that when he has a "big job" we're usually in there awhile. Occasionally, playing games) I noticed that his eyes looked puffy. I made a mental note to keep an eye on it.

Twenty minutes later, we emerged from the bathroom and retrieved the donut.

As we arrived home, I noticed Allen kept sneezing, and he was definitely congested or something. I figured it was either allergies or he was getting sick. And I also noticed him repeatedly picking his nose. Several times, I told him to stop, and finally he said, "I'm trying to get this round thing out."

I looked up his nose. Saw something, but thought it might just be a big booger. Went to retrieve a Q-tip. It was unsuccessful. So then I got a flashlight and looked up there.
Me: Allen, did you stick something up your nose.
Allen: Yeah.
Me: What was it?
Allen: Bird seed, I think. From my school.

Thankfully, I was able to get it out with the help of a tissue and the aforementioned Q-tip. And when I called Brian, he said, you guessed it ... "it was bound to happen."

Hope ya'll had a better day :)



lori said...

i hope your gramma will heal well. maybe you should have been an ENT. pretty impressive. thinking of you all! love to the family!

KMag said...

My goodness! He did make it to 4 before he stuck anything (other than his own finger) in his nose. And it's not like he stuck a Lego up there; bird seed likely would have worked its way our without harm.

I think.

kate said...

I'm glad Allen got through his "it was bound to happen." I hope grandma is doing OK. I guess Kristen gets to play nurse again.

Jenn said...

hilarious! I'm still laughing. Please give your Grandmom a hug for me!

allie said...

oh poor guy! haha! when i was little, i stuck a rock in my nose on the playground and refused to blow my nose because i was scared so my parents had to take me to the er where they used long tweezers to pull it out. i'm glad your story has a much happier ending!