Thursday, January 27, 2011

As I mentioned the other day, we had a situation with reference to Allen's school. Last Thursday night, I was unwinding after meeting by checking Facebook. In my news feed was a link to this article. Talk about upsetting! Not only were the allegations disturbing, but the fact that the school had not informed the parents of the incident was alarming. I immediately email the school's director.

The next morning, a rather generic email was sent to all parents by the school's board. It basically said that the situation had been "appropriately addressed" with no further explanation. So I sent another email to the Director and President of the Board expressing my grave concerns about both the safety of Allen and the other students as well as concern for the boys involved. I was invited to a meeting with the Director.

She immediately assured me that Allen has no contact with these children. Since the incident, they have adjusted the playground schedules so that only one class is on the playground at a time; thus providing more supervision. They have fenced off the tree, as it was a blind spot (obviously) on the playground. And the teachers have spent their last two In Service days reviewing protocol and procedures for incidents like these. But most importantly, the Director immediately notified three different divisions of DSS (Department of Social Services). Child Protective Services made a notation of it, and OHAN (Out-of-Home Abuse and Neglect) is investigating it.

I feel very reassured after speaking with the Director, though I wish that they had just share the above information in the first place. Preferably before we'd read about it in the newspaper (they had no idea the article was going to be published).

Have any of you moms out there ever had to deal with a situation like this? What did you do? What did the school do? Sadly, while I never want to have to face this again, I have a bad feeling this is not the last incident like this that Allen will be exposed to during his school career ....



kate said...

It seems pretty obvious the school was hoping to not have to bring this incident to the parents attention. The fact that they kept it quiet for two months and only addressed it after it was made public makes me wonder how much they really have the welfare of the children as a priority as opposed to just keeping the enrollment and therefore cash flow up. I really feel so sorry for the worry you must have about Allen's safety.

drevas said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this Leggy. It gives me a lot to think about. So scary what our kids are up against in these critical times, but you're right, you at least need to be informed as much as possible!