Monday, April 15, 2013

Allen's Assembly Recap and More

We had our Special Assembly Day yesterday. At our brand new assembly hall! It's absolutely gorgeous! I would have taken pictures, but it was so crowded! Anyway, it was really neat, and the program was so very good!

Anyway, for Allen, these were the highlights:

  • The huge screens on either side of the stage, that projected the speaker so that everyone in the auditorium could see him. 
  • The baptism and the baptism pool. It's really a gorgeous pool, and Allen really wanted to go into it. It was really neat because they projected the baptism on the big screens, so we were able to see our friends (four in our congregation) without fighting the crowd to see it at the pool.
  • Lunchtime. He's six, so what do you expect? As soon as the session started, he leaned over to me and said, "I'm hungry and thirsty." So I'm sure he was THRILLED when he was finally able to eat.
He also informed me that he wants to get baptized, probably sometime after Daddy and I are dead. Like when he's Justin's age (a 13 year-old boy who got baptized yesterday). Boy, he's killing us off soon, huh?

For me, the highlight (other than the material) was seeing Allen enthusiastically singing two of the songs. He's been listening to them in the car with Nana, so he was very familiar with them. He was so cute! (Papa may or may not have cried). 

This morning as we were driving to school, I had the radio on, but the volume was down. Our radio has a screen that shows the band and the name of the song on it. Allen reads that the Rolling Stones are on, and says, "Doesn't Papa like the Rolling Stones?" I said, "Yes, he loves them." Allen was quiet a minute, and the said, "Please turn it up!" I love that he's so observant, and that he wants to listen to what we all like :)

We were also discussing the week ahead, and who was picking him up today, and such. He remembered that I don't work Saturday, and so that means I can go in service with him. He said, "The best part about you, Mommy, is that you get to go to Gramma's [for field service arrangements]. You get dressed so fast -- you're amazing!" He made this observation because Nana rarely gets to go to arrangements because she's taking care of Gigi. It's so funny what goes on in Allen's head :)

Well, that's all for now! I'll try to post more as the week progresses!


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Kristen Saxe said...

I bet you won't be dead when he's thirteen...and I bet he will get baptized around that time. I tell the friends here all the time about Allen and "Jehovah's Songs"...he's so very cute and developing into quite the spiritual munchkin!