Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Back

So, after a relatively brief absence, I'm  back.
I know you missed me terribly.

As you'll notice, no keys are missing. We got the estimate to fix the computer, and decided it was a better investment to get a new one. So I got a nifty little Gateway. It was super reasonable. And it has Windows 7 and a built-in Webcam (Skype, here I come. Well, once I figure out how to use it).

So, I'm back, and I'm wondering, where have ya'll been. What have you been up to this past week. Did you enjoy some time off? Did you have fun with family and friends? We certainly did. And I'll be posting about it soon.



KMag said...

Well, you let no grass grew under your feet on this one. I am more eager to hear about your week and see pictures of the boy.

Missed your cyber-presence.


Hannah said...

I know we see each other practically every day, but I still missed reading Allen stories.