Monday, January 4, 2010

Old Sheldon Church

On our way home from Middleton Place, we stopped at Old Sheldon Church -- beautiful ruins of Prince William's Parish Church, which have lain in ruin for over 120 years. It was burned down twice ... once in 1779 and again in 1865.

We stayed only a short time, as it was pretty cold, getting dark, and overcast. The best photographs of the ruins are really when the sun is shining, so we didn't spend too much time taking pictures.

Allen showed no respect for the buried there, racing between gravestones, and even standing on one. But after being so good at Middleton Place, could we really blame him for expending some energy at the ruins?

Once again, I'll stop writing and let the pictures take over ...



KMag said...

The above ground graves with the Spanish Moss hanging off the live oaks is beautiful. See how it looks in black and white--it may make a neat picture for your office.

drevas said...

I love that pic too. Definitely go back when it's sunny and take some more pics.