Monday, January 4, 2010

Middleton Place

This year, we all decided to take off for my grandmother's and aunt & uncle's visit. And the first thing we did was visit Middleton Place outside of Charleston. It's absolutely gorgeous.

There was lots of historical information (like the owner signed the Declaration of Independence), but what I remember most is that it's like the largest collection of Camellias in the country. Which was great because they were blooming now (in this freezing cold weather we're having). So it made walking around in the cold worth it (well, pretty much).

Rather than bore you with words, I'll let you look at my pictures ...

I've never heard sheep bleating like I heard them here. It was feeding time, and they were sooo noisy. Allen loved it! He kept "baaa-ing" back at them.

The only other thing I have to say -- because the pictures really speak for themselves -- is that Allen was spectacular during our entire visit. He rode in the stroller like a champ, and let everyone hold him during the house tour. I was afraid that he'd be running underneath the ropes and touching antique furniture, but he was very respectful. He was rewarded with butterfly crackers and lots of praise during lunch.

Next up ... Old Sheldon Church.



KMag said...

Your pictures are great. I feel like I was there with you all. Where are the pictures of your little animal, though?

Hannah said...

My mom would love to take my grandparents there next week. I don't think they've ever been to South Carolina before!

Anonymous said...

great pix - the camellias are beautiful. it was good to talk today - i really miss you. by the way, the "no caps" phase is pure laziness!
love & kisses