Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lots has been happening at the Craig house lately, and I've been remiss in posting. Please accept my apologies. Here's the latest ...

Allen is learning what letters words begin with. He announced to us last week that "mail starts with 'M'. Mail and Malcolm start with 'M'." He knows what letter most words start with. It's amazing. He's a genius.
He says "masty" instead of "nasty." (Last night, he said about his chicken and green bean dinner, "Pew, this is masty!")
He still says "wife" and "wive" instead of "life" and "live."
He says, "fink" instead of "think."
He still loves my hair and loves to snuggle with Mommy.
He is addicted to his binky.
He's almost too big to fit into my lap.
He makes me wait for hugs and kisses.
He likes to tell stories while walking around in circles. Tonight he regaled us with a story about his class "going on safari."
He loves Cheetos, Mike & Ikes, and fruit snacks. And chocolate milk (most often in the form of NutriPals). He eats little else. It makes me feel like a bad Mom.
He has started reciting the fruitage of the spirit and singing the ABCs and "Life Without End at Last" with me at bedtime again (or Wife Wifout End at Wast). Then he snuggles against me for a few moments before saying, "I'm weady (ready)," and climbing into bed.
He still has gorgeous big blue eyes.
His hair is getting darker.
He's a big boy :(

Some pictures for you to enjoy ...
He requested I take a picture of him with his binky.
 A close up.
 In the tub tonight.
 Smiling in the tub.
 Snuggling with Mommy.


Liza said...

Ella won't eat much either! It's so frustrating! Thank goodness for PBJ sandwiches. I try not to worry too much. She has not eaten meat since her baby food days!


KMag said...

If your hair is getting darker, why not Allen's?

Thanks for the update and the pics.


mommom said...

YOU ARE NOT NOT NOT A BAD MOM!!! He is eating some things some times and the Nutripals is doing it's job - stop worrying (can you??) He is a good looking boy with great genes and he's learning and advancing rapidly. Do not make eating or binky or bedtime or potty training (he's got that nearly 100%) a big issue. These things will pass and he just keeps growing up. :) That's the way it's supposed to be! STOP ALLEGRA BASHING RIGHT NOW OR I WILL HAVE TO COME DOWN THERE!!

Jenn said...

Love the pics! so adorable!

Troy said...

very the line about "walking in circles and telling stories". I it is such a great image.