Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pennsylvania Trip 2010: The Last Day

In the fog of my bad mood last Thursday, I completely forgot to post about the last day of our Pennsylvania Trip. Many many apologies. Here are the highlights of our last day.

My 88-year-old grandmother (aka Gigi) chasing Allen around her house.
Gigi and Allen having a calm moment.
Allen growling while Dana and Chico pose nicely for the camera.
Allen and Ava getting down.
Allen singing his heart out.
Ava blowing a kiss (I think).
Avery enjoying my Italian nursery rhyme.
Aren't Ava and Avery delicious? Allen had a great time chatting it up and playing with Ava that evening. Thanks to T&T for a great evening. And thanks to D&D for drinks. We love you and miss you all!



Hannah said...

Sooo cute :) Love the picture of Allen singing; it was even cuter than you described! :D

Jenn said...

Avery is so cute! He has gotten so big, I havent seen him since he was a little baby!! Good to see your Grandmom too!