Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quotable Allen

Heard this week:

At school yesterday ...
Miss C -- a teacher at Allen's school -- told me that her son (who just joined Allen's class) told her that he was going to play with Allen that day.
I replied, "Oh Allen, do you have a new friend?"
Allen nodded his head, and then announced, "And I wiped a boogie on him!"

This morning while getting dressed for school ...
Allen (to Daddy): You're Mr. Naked Pee.
Daddy: Well then you're Mr. Naked Poop.
Allen: We have to go get our costumes!

(Do all three-year-olds find bathroom talk hilarious?)

Tonight while explaining why he needed to get in our bed ...
Sometimes when my feet get in bed, they get scared.



PWNort64 said...

Wow, costumes, huh? Wonder what those would look like. And get ready for the long haul, that love of bathroom humor is still going strong here.

KMag said...

Just explain to Allen that the rest of him should follow is feet to bed to reassure him that all will be okay.

lori said...

such silliness! please give my regards to mr. naked pee and mr. naked poop. :)