Friday, May 7, 2010

They love me they really love me!

Guess what! Our shop, Joli Home & Events, has been nominated as the "Best Gift Shop" in our local paper's Reader's Choice Awards! I nearly wet myself this morning, I was so excited!

If you love me as much as your comments indicate that you do, would you please head on over and vote for us?

Thanks so much!



kate said...

Even though I don't live there, can I vote? I really like the shop and the items I've purchased.

PWNort64 said...

Done...gave a nod to Maggies, book store, and the pizza place while I was at it. And since Blackstone was the only breakfast place I had personally experienced, they got my vote, too!

Allegra said...

Yes, Kate, you can vote for us!
Thanks, Paula, for voting for all those great business!


drevas said...

Love the new template Leggy!