Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We had a bad storm Sunday night. Fortunately, Allen's rain boots had just arrived ...
but this storm was so bad that it was too dangerous to be out playing in it. And besides, Allen was terribly frightened of all the thunder, lightning, and wind. And the fact that we lost power. 

While I'm not usually frightened of storms, this one was downright scary. But I tried to remain calm and reassuring so as not to scare Allen more.

As I discovered Monday morning, I was probably right to be uneasy about the storm. While we were very fortunate and sustained no damage to our home, others in our neighborhood did not fare as well. Several cars have been crushed under tree limbs; roofs have been damaged; and we have lost large limbs from some of our beautiful live oaks.

Here's some of the aftermath right near our house ...

 Yes, those are two trees completely uprooted.
 And here's some residual flooding. In the background, you may be able to see the dirt and sand coating the street from the previous night's flooding.
Fortunately, we did not experience any true devastation, and all are safe and sound. But we sure had some excitement for the evening ...



KMag said...

That truly was a big storm. I'm glad you are okay.

drevas said...

Love the rain boots picture. Do you have a fun/safe thing you can do together when there's a bad storm? Like huddle together in the bath tub (i.e. a safe place away from windows) and read some books or something? I don't know. Those tree pictures were scary!