Monday, August 24, 2009

Boys and their toys; new friends

D bought a set of model airplanes, and the boys put them together.

Once they tired of flying them around the condo, one of them got a brilliant idea, and soon we were all out on the balcony either participating or watching (and documenting of course )...

Thursday we did a little shopping, and Allen made a new friend. Her name is Maddie. After chasing Maddie around and entertaining the staff in the shop, he proceeded to poop. Maddie sniffed his butt a few times, and finally he allowed me to change him in their bathroom.

As soon as I got finished with that, we had to rush out of the shop so I could make my pedicure appointment. I felt so bad. Our kid tormented their dog and then pooped in their shop, and we didn't even buy anything. Our apologies to the kind folks at Bobby Chan!

Allen and his new friend Maddie (one of the Maddie's owners told her to sit, and Allen thought she was talking to him. So he sat too.)

Thursday evening was spent at the condo. Brian and I made picadillo for the group, and then we scattered to various areas of the condo to watch different things.

Look how cute D and Brian are cuddled on the bed together to watch the Eagles game!
The kids snuggled in our room to watch Ice Age 2.
Shortly after the above picture was taken, poor little E took ill with what turned out to be a kidney infection. She ended up spending Friday and Saturday night in the hospital, poor baby. We're wishing you a speedy recovery little one!

Because of the circumstances of the next 24 hours or so, these are the last pictures I have of our vacation. Hope you enjoyed them all as much as we enjoyed the trip! Thanks D & W for such a fun and memorable vacation!
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KMag said...

Brian and D were snuggled on the bed? Are you sure you want that out there this way.

And until I got to the picture of Maddie, I thought she was a little girl. Kids do do things like sniff each other's butts if they're full of poopy.

drevas said...

I will never understand football in the summer. Summer is for baseball! And I was a little confused by the Maddie story also and who actually pooped, but I think I figured it out.