Saturday, August 15, 2009

New tricks and more

So Allen has recently learned some new tricks. This first video shows him (almost) winking and then trying to look at the camera ...

This next one is just well ... awesome :)

Now we just have to teach him to say "How you doin'?" while doing that.

We read the story about the tabernacle last night in the Bible Story book. After Daddy read it, we reviewed the picture.

Mom and Dad: What's this? (pointing to the ark of the covenant)
Allen: A box.
Mom and Dad: Right. It's a box called the ark. Do you know what's in it?
Allen: Toys!!!

Betcha didn't know there were toys in there did you?



KMag said...

I taught him to "wink" that way months ago. He gets all cocentraty and then blinks really, really hard.

I laughed aloud at the eyebrow raising. He is just too much.

Lori said...

He's got personality, charm, and personality! ;)