Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We went to the "Cookie Club" (Publix, our local grocery store) yesterday after school, with Nana. Allen was very good even when the power went out in the store (I think I was more scared than he was). He cooperated and didn't squirm in the cart.

Anywho ... when we were on our way home, the following conversation occured:
Mom: I'm so hungry.
Nana: I know, I'm famished.
Allen: No you're not. You're not Spanished!
Nana: (chuckling, along with Mom) You're right. I'm not Spanish.

Today we had to go to Pier 1 to pick up some curtains for my latest project (to be posted soon, along with the just-finished toddler bed project). Allen used up all of his good and cute genes yesterday, apparently, because the experience was far from pleasant.

First, about three minutes into the visit, he announced that he was, "letting the poopy out." And then screamed and ran away when I tried to grab him to go to the bathroom. Then he ran around the shop touching everything. He nearly broke at least four things. I thought I was going to have a huge bill, but fortunately nothing actually broke (even though he was pulling and bending the branches of a wreath, and pushing a huge glass vase).

This afternoon, he played at the pirate ship with his friend Sara. Sara is from Serbia, and knows only a few English words. She was saying something in Serbian, and Allen thought he understood, and starting saying, "My knees. My knees." It was hilarious!

Those are the highlights from our week so far. I will post pictures of Allen's big boy room and of the progress of my guest room conversion (to a home office) soon.