Sunday, November 22, 2009

New and improved

Now that the weather is cooler, I decided to darken my hair color. I do this every fall/winter, but this time we went more dramatic. You see, I have this thing about my hair. I call it "Hair ADD." And I'm trying really hard not to cut it short, so that means getting creative with hair color and style.

So last week I went to my stylist for an appointment, and we decided to go edgy -- which means dark and dramatic. I'm pretty sure this is darker than my natural color, though I have no idea what my natural color is since I've been coloring my hair since I was like 15 or something.

Anyway ... here are a couple pictures of it that were taken tonight (after curling it with a curling iron this morning).

A self portrait

A portrait by Allen

I'm not sure you can really get the full impact of how dramatic a change the color is since the background of the pictures are dark, but let me tell you, it's a huge difference. I'm curious to know what ya'll think of it ....

So, now that I have an office, I have modified my morning and evening habits a little bit. Basically, I spend both the morning before the boys wake up and the evening before I go to bed, in the office.

And I'm drinking Sleepytime tea ...

And I listen to Pandora. Which is incredibly soothing and enlightening. I love having the time to myself. I use the time to catch up with friends on Facebook; to write; and to relax.

I feel like I need this time to myself because I've been feeling awfully restless lately ... like I need to expend creative energy. This time alone allows me to explore my writing and to be productive with my work; but in an environment that relaxes me. It's fabulous!

Well, that's all on this topic. Hope ya'll have a fabulous week.



Lori said...

(Just like a Botticelli!)

I love, love, love the color! Your eyes look so green, your skin looks so creamy, and your cheeks look so rosy!

Your office sounds wonderful! I can tell you are enjoying every moment you spend there!


KMag said...

I have to agree with Lori, but then you are beautiful! I'm glad the new office is proving to be a respite for you. I can certainly understand how you might need such thing.


drevas said...

Very cool. I almost didn't recognize you in that first pic. Do you believe I have NEVER colored my hair? The time will come (at least when I go gray).

Jenn said...

Beautiful!!! I love it!

Jadian said...

A very nice color for fall, it looks lovely!

prashant said...

Your office sounds wonderful!

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