Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wood Violet gets some friends

Now you get to see the inspiration behind the color I chose for the new office. These curtains from Pier 1. Don't they look lovely with the Wood Violet walls? I think it's a match made in heaven.

First, a view from the doorway, and then a focus on the window  ... 

Next, let's take a look at the file carts that I got. They match the desk which is yet to arrive. Which is why the room looks so incomplete ... we're not sure how to arrange it until we get the desk.

And my reading nook, with my awesome pink lamp ...

And finally, my rockin' rug that I purchased at Pier 1 for $29.99 on clearance. Yay for sales!

The rug is Allen's favorite part of the room, followed closely by the pink lamp.

We also bought this air mattress, which is awesome because it unfolds itself as it inflates, and folds itself back up as it deflates. We'll just do some simple rearranging when guests come, and my office will convert back to a guest room. Thanks in large part to the awesome air mattress.

Can't wait until my desk comes and I can complete my office. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday and we can wrap this up by Monday night.

And stay tuned for a recap of tomorrow afternoon, when we go see Disney on Ice Finding Nemo! Shh ... don't say anything to Allen ... it's a surprise!



Anonymous said...

love the color - thanks, my room looks great - cool sounding air mattress, too.
much love, mommom

KMag said...

Very, very nice!


drevas said...

Cool rug. Gotta love Pier 1.

Aunt Adventure said...

This room is awesome. I don't know if I could work - I would be so distracted messing and touching all the new stuff! Way cute - should help with all those creative juices!

Jenn said...

K, took the words right out of my mouth- my thoughts exactly!