Thursday, November 12, 2009

Murphy's New Look

As some of you know, Brian is not a fan of paying to get his hair cut. Or his dog's hair cut. He's of the mind that if he can do it himself, he should. That's fine with me because it frees up more hair-cutting-dollars for my own locks (autumn reds here I come!).

He cut Murphy's hair once before with his own hair clippers (we won't get into the hygiene aspect of that right now), but human hair and dog hair are very different ... well, animals. So, last night we finally invested in some dog clippers. And Murphy got a brand new look ...

He looks adorable and he's so soft. I do miss his reddish brown coloring though. Hopefully, as his hair grows in, we'll take better care of it and it won't get as matted as it was before.

So anyone want Brian to cut his/her hair? He's taking appointments ...



Anonymous said...

yea! dog hair clippers - much, much better - especially hygenically speaking!
hugs and kisses to all

drevas said...

Ha ha. Lenny keeps wanting me to cut his hair. We finally bought some clippers, but he also just got a haircut, so I have a few more weeks to get prepared!

PWNort64 said...

I tried cutting Henry's hair a few times myself, but he doesn't like the "buzz cut" look and that's about all the talent I have. We pay to have Dolly's hair cut...she's too crazy for me to even think about doing it myself!

prashant said...

I have a few more weeks to get prepared!

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