Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a day

I have pictures to share, but honestly I'm too tired/lazy to upload them from my phone. They're not that great anyway. Just from us messing around last night with my new toy. 

Today was a rough day.First thing this morning, we (the Joli girls -- me and Mom) found out that the design elements we've ordered for the Farmer's Table event probably won't get here in time (we're providing the event decor for it, and Southern Living is going to be there .... eeeek!). This means we have to redo the entire event design. Then, genius that I am, managed to lock my mom and me out of the shop during shop hours (we were doing a site review with the fabulous girl's organizing the aforementioned event, and I walked out without the keys to the shop). So we had to drive all the way to Brian's work to get his key so that we could get back in.

Immediately after work, Brian and I were off to our Parent Orientation at Allen's school. This was actually really nice (except for the teeny, tiny chairs we had to sit on which was awful). Allen's teacher, Ms. A., is so unbelievably awesome and enthusiastic that it makes me want to be in the class every day.

If Allen were writing this blog, he would tell you that the highlight of the day was when Mom and Dad came back to pick him up and they had the much-anticipated Chuggington toys with them. Allen's face lit up as soon as he saw what was in the box. He begged, pleaded, and tantrumed in an attempt to have us set up the train tracks tonight (mind you, it was after 8:00 when we opened the package, and we were still at Nana and Papa's). He also examined the back of one of the packages and began telling us about all the "chuggers" he didn't have yet. Then he said that he "wished" he had "all the things for Chuggington." So glad to know he's grateful for his gift :)

Tell me friends, do you have children who have started/will be starting school? What are you doing to prepare? Do your children show appreciation for their toys/gifts, or do they beg for more? What are your strategies for dealing with these?



KMag said...

My man likes the Palm Pixi. "It's a good phone," he says.

I can't wait to hear about orientation and to see the pics that you teased us with.

PWNort64 said...

Okay, late to the party. What an eventful day!

As far as preparing for school, mostly our focus was getting back on schedule as far as sleeping and waking. We were all over the place all summer long. So we switched to the school schedule 2 weeks before school started.

There was also a lot of talk about appropriate behavior in the classroom, and reminders that every classroom is different so not to expect his 2nd grade class to work exactly the same as 1st grade.

And, finally, your question about the gifts. I find it a mixed bag. Sometimes the smallest tokens will get the hugest and sincerest "thanks Mom, you're the best" while the things I go overboard on are like "oh yeah, thanks!". Sounds like Allen was really excited about his trains. Wish we lived closer -- I have a train table I'm trying to get rid of!