Monday, December 20, 2010

Dragons and Snowflakes

I'm not sure why, but Allen has started waking in the middle of the night and wanting to come to our bed. So he was in bed with me this morning. The two of us were sleeping in after Daddy left, and Allen wakes up, and says, "Mommy. TBS. The Boss Stinks." For those of you who don't know, that's a commercial on the station TBS for reruns of The Office.

So that's the way we started our day. A little weird, but fun. He played with his Chuggington trains downstairs, and then suddenly showed up with his pajama shirt off. Evidently he antagonized the dogs because they appeared in the bathroom while I was getting ready. Poor Murphy curled up right at my feet, while Mia jumped up on the bed in hopes she'd be safe there (something about throwing his rubber alligator, lizard, and snake at them, I think).

We took Daddy lunch, and Allen got to see the office dog, Dusty. He wanted to take her home. Renee said he could. We had to intervene and explain that there wasn't room for him at our house. "We can put her in the trunk," Allen said.

Onto Wal-Mart where we had some groceries to pick up, plus some glitter for my craft project I wanted us to take on. Of course, we had to visit the Cars area. We found a car and moved on to other things. Then as we were getting ready to check out we went past the How to Train Your Dragon display. After me telling him that we'd already gotten a toy today and maybe we could get this another time, Allen said -- very seriously -- "Mommy, I think I'd like to put this toy back and get a dragon instead." Well, how could I argue with that? Such a grown up reaction. So I bought him both.

Well, with a new dragon and a new car, we had little interest in the craft project (making snowflakes). Mommy ended up making them alone. She had far more fun than she should have (I love glitter!).

Tonight, after dinner, Allen "needed something sweet." So he got cookies ... notice how he's "two-fisting" it with the bag on his lap ...

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KMag said...

Where are the pictures of the snowflakes?

It was very grownup of Allen to offer to put one toy back.

I had such a huge pile of loot for him, that I had to put some back, too. Well, not really, but I selected 3 items to save for our trip to you guys in April. He is still getting quite a haul from Aunt Kristen and Uncle Josh.