Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mean, Nasty Bug

Shortly after I finished Allen's scarf and posted those pictures, the little man woke up vomiting. And it lasted until about 6:45 this morning. Talk about hurting Mommy and Daddy's hearts. Allen's only thrown up a handful of times since he was born, and never like this ... so we really felt bad for him.

And as weird as this sounds, I was so proud of him for how in tune he was with his body. Other than the first incident, he woke up in time and was able to avoid any messes. Of course, it helped that Mom and Dad were barely able to sleep and were very aware each time he became restless. We read his signals ... the loud breathing; the thrashing around; the moaning ... and were propping him up with the bucket in front of him in no time. Sorry if that's TMI. It's an odd thing to be proud of, but I'm happy with how well we handled it (I've always had visions of huge messes and the "sympathy factor" coming into play).

Of course, his bed is not remade so he's sleeping with us again tonight ... so I can't be too proud of my mad motherly skills :) I like to keep myself humble.

In crochet news, I've begun my third (yes third!) project. "Wristers" (aka fingerless gloves) for Aubrey. I'm sort of making up my own pattern here, so I hope she likes them. Then after that comes a scarf for Mommy, Brian (my first project was OK, but he'd like one a little more masculine), Daddy, and me. Then I'm taking requests :)



lori said...

poor allen! throwing up is the worst! i'm sorry you have been having problems with your arthritis. i hope that the steroids kick in and that you and allen will feel all better soon! i like hearing the latest crochet news. aubrey will look too cool for school in her wristers.

Allegra said...

oh lori, I love how in touch we've been this last week or so ... it makes me feel not so far away from you :)

yes, poor allen. it is the worst. he just didn't know what to do with himself. the steroids have kicked in pretty much. the swelling is down. i just have to be careful not to over-use my knee.

and yes, aubrey will be way too cool for school. the wristers allow for ultimate texting ability in the cold weather.

look forward to wednesday!

kate said...

I'm so glad Allen's bug is over. My solution for all ailments is lots of hugs so please give some to him from me. You deserve some hugs for yourself; hopefully Brian can provide them.

KMag said...

Is your scarf the next one (after Aubrey's wristers0? Or is it our Mommy. And are Brian and Daddy the same person or is are you making a scarf for our Daddy? I'm so confused. I guess I better learn how to crochet while you're here...your list of is already too long. And, Josh was looking at his new GQ (he's been I bought him one)and decided he wants a scarf. Go figure. I may take my yarn with me today and see if I can get the appropriate crochet needle. I can't leave the soup to someone else's attention so we can go to it will XMas and they won't be open. Yes, I will definitely go to Michaels to get a crochet hook. I love a plan!

Allegra said...

Our Mommy's scarf is next. Then Brian's. Then Daddy. Then me. Unless you're not feeling the crochet thing. Then I'll squeeze you in after Mom's and Josh in somewhere, too.

Let me know how you make out at Michael's!