Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Random

Sorry, folks, no pictures. But I do have a few cute stories to share ...

Saturday morning was bad. Really bad. First of all, it was pouring out. Getting ready for service was challenging, as Allen couldn't find a certain car that he "needed." Crying ensued. We dragged him to the car. Then arrangements didn't quite work out the way we'd planned, or the way Allen wanted. So he threw a tantrum. In the middle of the Kingdom Hall. A foot-stomping, screaming, flailing tantrum. I dragged him to the car. After a talk (and discipline), he improved. We talked more at home. And everything was better.

Later, at Nana and Papa's, Allen came up to me and said, "Mommy, I want to have a talk in the living room about this car." I obediently followed him to the living room and knelt down to his level. "Mommy," he explained, "this car stays at Nana's." "Oh, did I put it in your backpack to take home last night?" I asked. "Yes," he replied. "I'm sorry," I said. Fortunately, he forgave me and all was OK.

This morning, he had to go pee-pee, and as he did, he let out a huge fart. "Now that's a fart," he stated. Then he dragged Murphy into the bedroom to play. Awhile later, Brian was coughing in the shower, and Allen, panic in his voice says, "Oh no! Daddy has the throwup bug!" It was so sweet.

Aunt Kristen, you'll love this! Before we left for meeting this morning, Allen looked at our calendar. He pointed to the 25th and said, "I know what we're doing on the 25th! We're going to see Aunt Kristen!" I'm not sure how he remembered that, but he did. And tonight he asked if we were sleeping in one of Aunt Kristen's guest rooms. I explained that we'd be sleeping at Uncle Peter and Aunt Eileen's. He said, "And then we'll go meet Aunt Kristen and Uncle Josh in the morning?" I think he might be a little excited about our trip.

This week should be interesting. Nana and Papa leave tomorrow for Pennsylvania to pick up Gigi. So Allen and I are manning the shop together on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fortunately, we have the Leapster and the help of the "girls" so I'm optimistic that it won't be horrible. Tomorrow, I think we're going to make snowflakes and put them up on our windows. And do laundry ...


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KMag said...

Please tell Allen that Aunt Kristen is just as excited (if not maybe a little bit more) that he is coming to see me. I bought him Nemo juice treats today. Remind him that we can now count the days till he comes to see me on one of his hands. I'm counting on my left one.

I love you all and can't wait to see you!