Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disney Recap: Epcot

We really enjoyed our first day at Epcot. We didn't do a whole lot (well, actually Kristen and Josh did. They were on their KimPossible missions most of the day). The highlight for most of us was The Seas with Nemo. Allen loved looking at the different fish and at the manatees. Nana loved it too!

Some photo highlights ...
Nana in front of the "Ball"
Allen with his new friends Dory and Nemo
The Craig Family at the Upside_Down Waterfall Fountain
Checking out a real fire truck
Playing with Josh in a London phone booth
Lunch was shared with a large aquarium of fish at the restaurant at The Seas, and we enjoyed dinner underneath the "stars" in Mexico.
More to come ...

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KMag said...

Your picture of Josh and Allen is better than mine!:-(