Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally ... My Disney Recap; Magic Kingdom

OK, so I'm finally really starting my Disney World recap. So here are the photo highlights from the Magic Kingdom:
Allen and I shared our Carousel ride with Nana and Kissy
And then we rode Dumbo with Kissy
After Dumbo we rode Small World. Allen loved it, and pointed to different things constantly.
We shared a Mickey Mouse ice cream treat. Allen liked the chocolate the best, and kept biting that off. Mommy got most of the ice cream ...
We went to our first character greeting that day too. First we met Max (I think he's Goofy's nephew or something ... I'm not sure)
Then Goofy (I think he's Allen's favorite)
And finally Nana's favorites -- Chip and Dale
We also got to talk to "Push," a talking trash can who somehow could see us and interact with us, but we're not sure how ... ahhh the magic of Disney!
After a really fun day, we enjoyed dinner at the California Grille, atop the Contemporary Resort. It's the best place to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Allen enjoyed them quite a bit, and then nearly fell asleep in my arms.
That's it for the first day recap. More soon!



KMag said...

Very nice! I want these pictures--did you remember to bring a cd home from the shop?

This is cool...it's like the vacation never ends...I finish my recap and you begin yours. Who knew we could stretch one week into three?

PWNort64 said...

How absolutely delightful. That's exactly how I want my first day with Henry to go.

Jenn said...

Its great! I'm really enjoying your trip! I love the shot of Allen with with his ice cream! I agree with Paula,I cant wait to take Amy.

drevas said...

Goofy was my favorite too. I had the Goofy hat with the floppy ears AND Goofy autographed it!

Megan Lynn said...

that sounds like the perfect day...