Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alice in the pumpkin patch

Today was Allen's first field trip -- to go see Alice in Wonderland presented by the Children's Theatre of Beaufort. He was very excited. Excited to see his kids; excited that Mommy was going with him; excited about everything.

Since I have the minivan, I was able to take three children with me: Z, T, and M (Allen's special friend). Allen was giddy that these kids got to ride in the car with them. And they were all thrilled that we had the Backyardigans CD playing.

Everyone was very good on the ride there. They spoke very nicely to each other, sang along with the CD, and Allen started to tell them about "Bebby Hills Chihuahua."

When we were in line to go in, M saw her big brother J (who goes to the same school, but is older and in a different class). She ran to him and hugged him as Allen watched. J waved him over to join in the love ...

Once inside, Allen sat very quietly and patiently waited for the play to begin. Once the show started, Allen was riveted.

All four kids said they enjoyed the show. Allen liked the rabbit, and I forget who everyone else liked. I liked the caterpillar.

I thought Allen would want to leave with me right away, but instead I had to watch him in his classroom and then watch him play on the playground until I finally convinced him it was time to go to .... the pumpkin patch!
That's right. We were off to the pumpkin patch to get 50 -- yes 50 -- pumpkins. For the Harvest Festival on Saturday.

The pumpkin patch is on the site of Lowcountry Produce (which we carry in our shop), which has a little restaurant and some animals that you can visit with. Allen was very excited about all of it ...

And here are all the pumpkins ...

In other, more personal news, Joli launched its website last night. Please take a look and let me know what you think!


drevas said...

Wow, that was one fun-filled day!

KMag said...

drv said it...that was one fun filled day. The picture of Allen looking at all the pumpkins is a framable shot.


Anonymous said...

Our boys love those pumpkins! Aunt MiMi took O to a patch a couple of weeks ago and he brought home 4 - a big orange one "ga buh" and three little ones, one is "bumpy"! He had a blast, too.
Great pictures, I like the one of him watching the show.
much love, mommom and aubrey