Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painting and planting

As promised, here are pictures of the house with the new doors and plants ...
First, pictures of the front of the house

My new pots with Mexican (or Texas) Petunias and  Million Bells

The back door with a closeup of the plexiglass Brian put on so the dogs wouldn't destroy the door again (they scratch and scratch at it when they want to come in)

The cool lantern we got from M across the street from our shop (to benefit Riverview Charter School). It now lives on our back porch.

Our Bull Grapes (no fruit yet) on the left, and Wisteria on the right

The new hydrangea at the front of the shed and roses on the side
Hydrangeas in the corner of our yard
Our Meyer Lemon Tree (with lemons!)



Jadian said...

Your house is soooo looks like something from a postcard! I love the door color, very unique and pretty.

Anonymous said...

by the way - the house looks great and the landscaping is very pretty. can't wait to see it in person:)

drevas said...

Love the purple.