Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First days of school

Allen started school this week. Overall I think it's actually going OK, but it's been extremely emotional for both of us. For instance, he wasn't too thrilled to be leaving for school on Monday morning ...

... though once we got to school and he saw Ms. Avril again he was very excited.

He went right in with her and learned how to take out his mat, unroll it and roll it back up again.
It was so cute to watch him take everything in. I could see that it was all a little much for him, but on Monday he took it all in stride ...

A cute story ... the above pictures were taken while the children sat around the red ellipse, and sang songs. They sang a song in which they each said their names and asked how they were; and they sang "Where is Thumbkin." Allen thought they were singing "Where is pumpkin," and he yelled, "It's wight there!!"

We picked Allen up Monday and he was happy and fine. He was excited to go home and play with his toys, and he told us that he would go back to school tomorrow.

Tuesday was a little more difficult. Brian and I went together so that we could give the teacher the Education brochure and talk to her about the holidays, and Allen was fine while we were there. But when we tried to leave, he broke down. He cried hysterically and clung to me. The teacher's aid had to pry him off of me. Brian and I started to walk away and a teacher and a volunteer chased us to make sure I was OK. And they were so reassuring and sweet. One of his teachers came out and told us that he was fine also. Once he got in there he did OK.

But it was hard. Hard for me to leave him. Hard for me to see him that upset. I felt like I was abandoning him. I was afraid he was going to be traumatized. I cried a little bit in the car, but tried not to dwell on it. And when I picked him up he didn't even realize it was time to go yet! It helped, of course, that a fireman came to visit the children and gave them all fire hats ...
And I love this one of him rolling his eyes because I wanted to take his picture ...
The entire way home from school yesterday, he talked about what he did and what he learned. It was awesome!

But this morning, he burst into tears at the first mention of school. He cried most of the morning. Then, he changed his attitude and seemed like he was going to be alright. He got right into the car; and when we got to school, he got right out and walked in with me. This morning, Ms. Avril invited me in, and I sat with Allen and helped him decorate his folder.

When it was time for me to go, though, he cried ... A LOT! It was awful ... again. But by the time I got down the hall, he had calmed down. And again, he was fine when I picked him up.

So I've decided that, while it's going to be tough, he's going to be OK. Better than OK even. I think he's going to like school, maybe even love it. I hope ....


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PWNort64 said...

I remember when Henry was that age, I thought it would be fun to go and meet him for lunch. While we did enjoy our lunch time together, he totally fell apart when it came time for me to leave. He was used to me taking me with him when I came. So as much as I would have loved to meet him regularly for lunch, I realized he just wasn't ready for it. Drop off will get easier and easier. Just remind him every day that you will be back to pick him up. It's even better if you kind of know what the activity is they do just before you come so that you could say "I'll be back to pick you up right after you finish xxxxx activity."