Monday, October 12, 2009

Where's the love?

It's another picture-less post, and I'm sorry. I wanted to get pictures up of the beautiful house, but it's not quite finished, so the pictures will have to wait.

Anywho ... tonight I need to vent about two things. And I'm hoping ya'll don't mind ....

First of all, I'm a little anxious about taking Allen to school tomorrow morning. He's been home for five days now (one sick day, one in service day, two weekend days, and Columbus Day), and he keeps saying (very happily), "I don't have to go to school today!" I'm dreading tomorrow when he says that, and I have to say, "Well, actually kiddo ..." Part of why I'm dreading it is because when I picked him up Wednesday from school, I was met by the Educational Director who asked me two things: 1) To drop him off at the door and let a teacher bring him into class; and 2) To leave the binky at home.

Now, I understand why both requests were made. I mean, Wednesday morning, he did make quite a scene in the classroom when I tried to leave. And, other children wanted his binky (it was the only day he'd had it there and he had it because he made quite a scene when I left the classroom). But, his teacher did invite me into the classroom. She invited me to sit down. And everything I've read about helping children adjust to school says to stay with them until they're comfortable, so tell me this, my friends ... what in the hell was I supposed to do? And furthermore, if you don't want the kid to make a scene, and his only attachment is his binky ... do you really want to take that away from him when he's starting something new?

I say all of this, but tomorrow I will drop him off at the door. And even though he'll probably be hysterical and they'll have to pry him off me, I will keep the binky in the car. But I just have to go on the record and say that it's not fair and it's not right.

Onto my second complaint ... how is it that I have 5-10 visitors to my blog each day, but have ZERO comments (or one). Sheesh ... my sister and P aren't the only ones who can comment (she's on a Mediterranean cruise right now so she's not commenting at all). Show me some blog love, pleeeeaaaaase. Or I may just stop writing ...

xoxo (I guess),


PWNort64 said...

I know this is all traumatic for both of you. Henry's school had told me ahead of time that there were to be no comfort items (i.e. binky) so I had worked on getting him off that before school even started. And his school had also preached the mantra of quick drop-off, so was prepared for that, as well. We did have mornings (even after years there) that Henry had to be pulled off of me as I left. But the worst of it was always at the beginning of the "school year". It WILL get easier for both of you. All I can recommend is DEEP BREATHS and remember, this too shall pass.

PWNort64 said...

Oh, another thought. Henry's school had the 1-way glass in the doors of all of the classrooms. Sometimes, after I "left", I would sneak back and watch him through the windows and he couldn't see me there. It made ME feel better knowing that as soon as I left, he was fine and settled right into his routine in the classroom. Is that an option for you?

Aunt Adventure said...

Sorry that I read and do not leave a comment. I guess that is selfish that you should write and share this part of yourself but then I give nothing back.
I know I only know you because of a mutual friend but I feel that I have grown closer to your family by reading the blog. I do enjoy it and will take note to comment more.
Have a great day and hang in there with drop off. Remember you are NOT doing a bad thing by sending him to school. It is just a different routine and all will get adjusted.

Jadian said...

I'm sorry, I'm very guilty of looking at your blog but never commenting! I enjoy all of your cute stories, don't stop blogging :) As for any advice about your current parenting frustrations, I'm sorry, but I have none. It is good that you seem to have a lot of friends and family that can relate to what you're dealing with...keep up the good work!

drevas said...

Ha ha. Demanding comments. I like that. I miss your sister too.... :(

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm officially "spanked" - sorry about no comments. Sometimes I think if I don't have anything clever or cute or really meaningful to say that I just don't. Anyway, MUCH LOVE and hang in there, it will get better. You have to believe that it is a good thing for him (and it is) and relax, he will be fine. He's so smart - he's just used to being "in charge", Legs, and he knows how to get what he thinks he wants. It's just that he doesn't always really want everything he thinks he does! What?!?! I know what I mean, I hope you understand. Anyway, here's some blog love for you, hope it helps :)

Allegra said...

Thank you everyone, for commenting. Jadian and Leslie, no worries ... I was just feeling a little lonely. And I was shocked that I had two people (one from Malaysia) who spent like ten minutes on here and didn't comment. And Leslie ... we love you so much ... you're like family!

Thanks again for the blog love all!