Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tubby Time

When I arrived home this evening, Allen was happy as could be. He was playing with his cars; he had a move in the DVD player; he was eating a granola bar. Life was sweet. Then about 7:00, Mommy said the dreaded T word ... tubbies. Just the sight of me standing up and clapping my hands, caused him to throw himself back onto the couch and cry.
I gave him some juice treats, promised him that I would take the tubby with him, bribed him with all the sweetness I could think of, and he still screamed bloody murder when we tried to get him upstairs for his bath. He screamed (and I'm not exaggerating) all the way up the stairs and while I got him undressed. He screamed when I put him on the floor to walk into the bathroom. He screamed while I ran the water. He stopped when I told him he could sit on the potty and I'd read him the potty book.
He started up again when we were done on the potty. He screamed while I got his hair wet. He screamed while I washed it. Then he splashed and played with his binky in the water. Then he screamed while I rinsed him off. Now, as you can imagine, with all this screaming, I went as quickly as I could. So, I finally get him rinsed off and he stops screaming, smiles, and says, "All done!" I start draining the water. He plays for a minute, and then starts screaming, "Tubby Tubby" because the water was draining out.

I think you get the idea, right?

Needless to say, Mommy came downstairs after the kid was in bed and poured herself a nice big glass of wine :)

More to come tomorrow, my loves. I still have at least one more post from the Pennsylvania trip to share with you ... In the meantime, like my sassy little outfit today?


P.S. Don't you think legwarmers are awesome? I'm thinking about ordering these for the shop. What do you think??


KMag said...

I like the leg warmers and that was a sassy little girl wearing them.


Jenn said...

Very cute and coordinated!