Sunday, November 16, 2008

Visiting with Amy

Before I get distracted with other stories, I'll continue my recap of our trip. Friday morning we got to see darling little Amy. Allen was the sweetest with her and also took it upon himself to check on Bailey throughout the afternoon (Jen and Jeff's dog). Brian totally fell in love with Amy, and almost put her in his pocket and took her home. Jenn and Jeff were lovely hosts (and fabulous parents too), and we enjoyed yummy food and chocolate cake (thanks again guys, we had an awesome time). And now without any further delay, the pictures of our afternoon with Amy.

My little Allen actually put her to sleep by rubbing her head. She ended up sleeping for about an hour after that. What a good boy ... think he's ready to be a big brother??

More to follow!


KMag said...

How sweet!

Jenn said...

Love the pictures of Amy and her expression in that one picture is making me wonder if we just did the knee to tummy excercises and it was time to change her diaper.Yes, I do think Allen would make a great big brother, he was so sweet with her and Bailey!