Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adding to the Family?

I'd like your comments and thoughts on this post. Brian and I have the opportunity to adopt a pure-bred Shitzu puppy (pretty much free of charge). Here's a picture of the litter (we're interested in one of the brown ones). What do you think? Should we do it??

Aren't they the sweetest little things? I'm already totally in love with our little "Basil," or "Henricks," or maybe "Oscar"? Also would love your thoughts on names ...



Aunt Adventure said...

He would certainly be 1 very fortunate puppy.
However, do think about it long and hard. I was a 1 dog family, then became a 2 dog family and unfortunately this February my beloved Lucy died and I became a 1 dog family again.
So for the last 9 months, I have realized how much cheaper it is just to have 1 dog. However, sometimes I think Dolly is lonely.
Bascially, I am no help at all and now I think I want a second dog! Keep us informed and welcome back to blogging. I have missed it.

KMag said...

They are cute. I think I've already shared my thoughts on this. As Aunt Adventure pointed out, they are expensive.

I know that it's not the answer you want from me. I would stop looking at the picture if I were you.


Jenn said...

I have to say that is the reason we do not have 2 dogs too as much as Jeff wants another. The expense is what gets in our way. Although, they are adorable and I can see how they are hard to resist.

PWNort64 said...

Okay, another dissenter popping in. Not only is there expense with a 2nd dog, I didn't realize how much work a second dog is (or maybe our second dog was just "difficult" and our remaining dog is easy. Anyway, I support your decision regardless. (And how about Fraser for a name?)

Welcome back, I've missed you my blogging mentor.

Patti said...

The puppies are adorable. Have you decided if you will get one? I have no comments on whether you should get one or not. We are deciding if we should get a dog ourselves and I keep talking myself out of it so I am in no position to give advise.

drevas said...

Hey Leggy! I finally caught up with your blog. I've been reading it off and on for a while. Another thought on having two dogs: My boss told me when you have one dog you are always the leader of the pack, but sometimes with two dogs they form their own pack and that can give you trouble (especially with a little kid I would think, who is just adorable by the way).