Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cars, School, Movies, and More

I haven't posted about the kid much lately. But it's not because I don't love him. It's probably because I've been watching him extra closely over the past week or so, that by the time I sit down to post, I'm so overwhelmed by all the stories that I don't know where to begin.

But I finally felt guilty enough about it this evening that I decided to take some pics and post about the kiddo.

Here he is playing with his cars ... I wanted to shoot a video of this, but Brian was fixing the garbage disposal, and I didn't think ya'll wanted to hear that in the background.
Sadly I missed the best part. He lined up all the cars neatly in a row, sat back and looked at them, and then "crashed" them and sent them tumbling all over each other. Such a boy ...

Allen has show-and-tell tomorrow. He has to bring something that starts with the letter J (their letter for the week). We decided to bring our jet. Here he is showing it off.

Somehow, Finding Nemo ended up in the DVD player upstairs in our room. And recently, for some reason (I have such a horrible memory), we put it on for him while we were trying to get ready. And now he's obsessed with the movie. It has to be watched every morning. And apparently, every evening now too.

But, it can't be watched downstairs. It has to be watched in "Mommy's yoom" on "Mommy's bed." He needs to watch it. It's evidently a life or death thing. And sadly, Mom and Dad have given in and let him watch it the past two nights. Here he is watching it on our bed tonight. Could he be more male?

I told Brian that the only thing missing is his hand resting in his unzipped pants ...

Other Allen higlights ...
  • He now can say the entire alphabet correctly.
  • He evidently witnessed to his teacher today and told her "something about the moon and stars" (he likes to tell people that Jehovah made the moon and stars. I'm guessing she didn't understand the Jehovah part).
  • He told his teacher that he loves her.
  • He got very upset last night because he "needed" to go to "Pantsypainan" (Pennsylvania) to "check Nana and Papa." The only thing that calmed him was Skittles. When he found out he could get those, he immediately stopped crying and said, "I'm so happy!"

There are so many more stories, but sadly I'm so sleepy that I cannot recall them. I will try to post more soon. I'll also be sure to post some pics of the Southern Supper tomorrow night!



KMag said...

"I told Brian that the only thing missing is his hand resting in his unzipped pants..."

and a beer in his hand.

Jenn said...

so true! What a little man!