Friday, May 29, 2009

Southern Supper -- Fashion Report

Brian's ensemble was slightly modified, since it was ridiculously hot and humid last night, but overall I think we looked cute (except for my chubbiness. Fortunately one of the new trainers at the new gym offered us two free assessments with accompanying fitness plan and one month's gym membership for free because we gave him our pack-n-play).

The evening was fun. However I must state for the record that I'm pretty sure "open bar" means an OPEN BAR, not just beer and wine. So I was disappointed in that. But there were some pretty yummy wines. I stuck with white (which I usually don't drink) because it was cold. And as previously mentioned, it was hot (and there was no circulation under the tent).

The auction was awesome. Our lovely pirate ship was auctioned off for a little over $12,000, and it will stay in the neighborhood. The school house was donated to the new school along with $10,000. Backyard Broadway will be leaving our neighborhood (sadly) and delivered to one generous family in Beaufort, as will Frog Hollow (not the same family, two different families). Unfortunately the WeeStream did not meet its reserve, so it will auctioned off on eBay.

In my opinion, the night was a huge success, with about $30,000 being raised for the school. Way to go Jody!! Here I am at the end of the night ...

Tired, but happy. The fundraiser was a success; Brian and I had a great time out having grown-up fun, and Allen was tucked into bed, sleeping soundly.


Jenn said...

What a handsome couple!! You both look great, isn't it so nice to be out for an adult evening!

PWNort64 said...

Love the ensemble. What a beautiful couple. Glad y'all had a nice evening.