Friday, May 8, 2009

How do i look?

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I let Allen play with things that I know he'll make a mess of just so I can finish what I'm doing. That's what happened this morning.

I had an eyeshadow case out (to use as a second mirror to check the back of my head ... I was trying out a new style ... more on that later) and it was sitting on my vanity. I was done with it and had moved onto my makeup (I don't use the eyeshadow in said case any longer). Allen asked to see it. Then he asked me to open it.

Here's where the mental debate came in ... if I open the case, he'll make a mess. But if I don't, I risk a tantrum (which these days is pretty much a given). If I open the case, I can finish putting on my makeup in peace. But, I'll have to clean up a mess ... Check out the pictures to see which side won ...

Does he not totally look like he's saying "Mom, how do I look?" in that last photo?

I did have a mess to clean up ... but it was better than a tantrum.

Onto my hair ... So I decided to go with the "messy pigtail bun" look today. Sadly I have no pictures of myself in this sassy little do, but I did find this picture in my google search (be warned: if you search for "pigtail buns" and look at images, you might come across some questionable photos).
Anywho ... my hair looked similar to the image above. Once we were ready, Allen and I went right outside into the hot and humid air. The 'do was perfect for the weather. But, alas, I forgot about the fact that as soon as Allen gets grumpy/sleepy/snuggly he wants my hair DOWN.

The things I do for love. So, now I ask you, "how do I look?"

It's so pretty isn't it? It's like Kristen's new hair on steroids. Waaaay over the top flipping!


Pigtail bun photo by Karen.


KMag said...

It's so fun to be sassy. I love your hair like that and now I have something with which to aspire with my own hair.

Jadian said...

I admire your creativity, the bun looks cute.

Jenn said...

I really like it!! Cute!!!