Sunday, May 24, 2009

Southern Supper Fundraiser

Brian and I are going to the Southern Supper and Live Auction for the Playhouse Palooza playhouses, hosted by Habersham, this week. Since Joli was a sponsor/designer of one of the playhouses, it's pretty much a given that we need to be there. Mom will be up in Pennsylvania packing up the house (yay), so we are the representatives for shop.

Being that it's a fundraiser, it's one of those cost-per-head events. I've never been to an event like this, and I started to panic about what I should wear. It doesn't occur to me that it will be overly fancy, but I don't think it's a jeans and a t-shirt event either.

So Mom and I went to Belk today, and I picked out this dress and these shoes. I think I'm going to wear this necklace that we have in the shop. What do ya'll think? Is it appropriate for a Southern Supper?

Southern Supper Outfit



Jenn said...

Yes, I love it! Very pretty and fun!! Love the shoes too.

drevas said...

Sounds fun! Cute dress. Now, what does Brian wear?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yea! really cute dress and shoes and jewelry - mommy's sexy!
Have a great time and let us know the outcome - does the pirate ship get to stay? Does Allen get the wee-stream? We'll tune in next time!

KMag said...

Love it!