Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awesome ...

We've been having a fabulous time with the Moyer family, and Allen's loving hanging out with his cousins. I'll have tons of photos to post soon, but for now I just have to share this awesome story.

Tonight Aubrey was looking through the photo album my mom put together for me "to teach her baby about his Mama" while I was getting Allen ready for bed, and here's the conversation that followed:

Aubrey (to me): Awww ... you were cute. Oh wow, look at your mom. She was so hot!
Brian: Allen, what do we call Nana? 'Hot Nana.'
Allen: Hot Nana
Me: I know, she was a fox wasn't she?
Allen: She was a Chihuahua!

Awesome .... I'll post the famous "hot Nana" picture soon (I have to scan it first).



KMag said...

Uncle Josh liked the chihuahua story, too.

Odd little boy you've got there, Leggy.

PWNort64 said...

You're mom is Hot! And the good news is that I see a lot of her in both you and Kristen!

Too funny about the chihuahua!