Friday, June 12, 2009

Word of the day

Since Allen is no longer going to "school" right now and Nana is back, we've decided to split days. I'm working mornings at the shop, and Nana works afternoons. Nana picks Allen and me up, and we go set up the shop (we're still having our sidewalk sale). Then Nana and Allen go off to do whatever.

Today Allen decided that he couldn't wait in the car while we set up; rather he needed to come in. Nana was bringing in some things from her car, and as she was carrying a box into the shop, she ran into the door. I asked if she was OK, and she replied, "Yes, I'm just an idiot."

A couple minutes later, Allen was running to greet a customer, and tripped and fell on the rug. We asked if he was OK, and he stood up and said, "Yes, I'm an idiot."

Tonight, Brian was watching the Stanley Cup game (yay Penguins), and as the players skated onto the ice, Allen starts yelling, "Go go go go go. Go you idiot!"

Grrreeaaat ...


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Jenn said...

He cracks me up- I'm still laughing. Talk about kids being imitators.